News Bullets, Happy Thanksgiving Wednesday;

It's a day early, but I'm going to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving today. I'm not planning on writing tomorrow, and I know you sure as hell aren't planning on reading blogs tomorrow. If you are, my apologies.

To start off, 14th & You has some information on volunteer opportunities for Thanksgiving, which I have taken the liberty of copying and pasting into this post:
Over at the Whitman-Walker Clinic, SaVanna Wanzer is looking for volunteers on Wednesday at 4 PM to assist in the preparation and cooking of a charity Thanksgiving dinner. Give her a call at 202-797-3509 if you are interested.

Emmaus Services for the Aging: Every year on Thanksgiving, Emmaus coordinates the delivery of over 150 Thanksgiving meals to needy seniors throughout the city. This year, they will be delivering meals from 10a - noon, and they could use some help. Although their website is out of date (at this point, I've given up hope on the October 2007 newsletter "coming soon") I've been told on good authority that you contact Patricia Hughes at 202-745-1200 if you are interested in volunteering.

Burgundy Crescent Volunteers are going to be busy throughout the day on Thanksgiving. They need volunteers from the ungodly hour of 4:45 am - 7:00 am for "unspecified duties". From 10:30a - 2p they will be serving dinner to the needy at Rosemary's Thyme, located at the corner of 18th and S. From noon - 2p, they are organizing a clothing drop-off, also at Rosemary's (if nothing else, it's a perfect opportunity to clean out your closets). Finally (whew) they will be serving lunch from 10a - 3p at the Green Door Clubhouse, a home for those with mental disabilities. Interested in volunteering for any of these events? Contact Jonathan at jonathan@burgundycrescent.org.

Food and Friends needs volunteers to deliver meals throughout the day on Thanksgiving (shifts are available on the hour from 8a - 11a). They also need volunteers to assist with meal preparation and to coordinate activities on what promises to be a very busy day. Click here to learn more about volunteering on Thanksgiving Day.

The Community for Creative Nonviolence, the nation's largest homeless shelter, is preparing to serve Thanksgiving meals to over 2,000 needy individuals on Thanksgiving Day. If that sounds like a formidable task, that's because it is--and they could use some help with all that needs to be done. Specifically, they could use some assistance preparing food, serving meals and spending time with their guests. No sign-up is necessary, but those who are interested should call 202-393-1909 in advance for information.

Finally, while not specifically Thanksgiving related, while we're on the subject of food, the Capital Area Food Bank is always looking for donations in time and goods to help them fulfill their mission--now and throughout the year. Click here to learn more about what you can do to assist them.
Man stages protest at 17th and K Streets NW, throws Molotov cocktails. As a friend put it, "it's like Grand Theft Auto but funnier." Not so funny for the man who is now in custody, though. The protester, identified as Kyung Song "James" Kil, was demanding "Justice" and $200 million. Fox5 has some more information, though it's very unclear exactly why he wanted $200 million. Downtown traffic was snarled as police searched the vehicle, a rented U Haul van.

Arrest made in cold case homicide from 1997. Sharon Moskowitz was murdered in her Adams Morgan apartment 12 years ago, after walking in on a burglary. Thanks to enhanced video footage, a suspect was identified. Frederick Edward Morton, now 57, was already serving a jail sentence in Pennsylvania. He has been brought to the District and charged with first-degree murder.

Barry's bird giveaway botched. Police were called to calm a crowd looking for free turkeys in Ward 8. The giveaway is a tradition, but this year demand far exceeded supply. To receive a free turkey, residents needed to supply proof of residency in Ward 8. Many left empty-handed. I find it interesting that there was more demand, more identification required, and more problems at a turkey giveaway than at the D.C. H1N1 vaccination clinics.

In case you missed it, Wizards owner Abe Pollin is dead at age 85. The pioneering owner with gusto passed away Tuesday. There's pretty much wall-to-wall coverage of Pollin on every news outlet. His bio is worth a read if you didn't know much about him.

Washington Post no longer a national newspaper. The Post is shutting down its few remaining bureaus in major U.S. cities. Offices in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles will be closed to save money and re-focus efforts on coverage of Washington, D.C. news. We'll see how well that works out.

Metro tests extra lights at stations, still can't fix escalators. New lighting has been installed at the Judiciary Square station, reports Lena Sun with the Post. The new lights are in the mezzanine area, and were a result of rider complaints. Still broken, however, are the escalators at the Q Street entrance at the Dupont Circle station. Two of the three escalators have been broken for some time. Sometimes I think it would be faster and cheaper to send someone to engineering school, have them invent a new escalator, manufacture and ship the parts to D.C. and install it themselves. This is a bit ridiculous. I don't know if the $38,000 spend on extra lighting could help accelerate escalator repairs, but meh.

That's it. Enjoy the holiday. Thanks for reading.


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