From hate to love...

Just to make things completely hilarious, I'm letting you all know I've taken on a gig over at We Love DC. Feel free to drop by and read my posts about DC government and politics.

You can also follow me on Twitter and all of that.

I've received a fair number of complaints/requests that the site be revived as a repository for hating on DC. I had made it mostly clear I wasn't interested in passing this along to someone else, despite the tradition of previous writers. I know many have been sorry to see this go and to a certain extent I understand.

That being said, the only actual requests I've received have been less than stellar and have done nothing to make me think it would be worthwhile. I haven't heard one person give me a compelling reason for handing over the keys to the site. In fact, all of the requests I've gotten have been from the types of people this site traditionally 'hated.'

If you hate the city so much that you need a site that is dedicated to expressing it, then make your own. There are roughly 152 million publishing services out there, it's super easy. Stop whining and just do it!

Catch you later,