Good seats still available

This has to be the worst big city for pro sports in the country.

NBA Wizards (25-57, .305): Jerry Stackhouse pulls himself out of the lineup for the year after an "injury". Then comes back at management's insistence. Christian Laettner is on the weed. Kwame Brown started to play closer to his potential, which, in accordance with Bullets/Wizards tradition, means it's time to trade him.

NHL Capitals (23-46-10-3, 59 pts, .360): Owner Ted Leonsis punched a fan who made fun of him. The team started awfully and traded away everyone. Peter Bondra cried.

NFL Redskins (5-11, .313): The less said about them the better.

Average winning percentage: .326. None of them are even close to .500, let alone the playoffs. You'd think that at least one of them could have made it interesting. But no. At least they're saving me money by making me not want to buy tickets to see them.

Just for the hell of it, let's throw in these:

- WNBA Mystics: 9-25, .265
- MLS United: 10-11-9, 38 pts., .422
- MLB Senators 0-0, don't exist. At least they had as many wins as losses.

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