When will it end?

D.C. Council member Jack Evans has drafted a proposal for a $383 million baseball park on the Southeast waterfront. Because D.C. is what, now? Oh yeah, ghetto rich. Keep on runnin' up those credit card bills.

Meanwhile Virginia has a plan for placing a ballpark in beautiful, vibrant... Dulles.

Plans for building a baseball stadium near Dulles International Airport describe restaurants, shops, hotels, condominiums and offices surrounding a quarry that would be flooded to create a scenic lakeside destination, backers of luring Major League Baseball to Northern Virginia said yesterday.
In future news, the Dulles ballpark got in trouble with its local homeowner's association and was fined for having plastic flamingoes in its front yard.

Meanwhile, all this is moot anyway, because baseball has been in control of the Montreal Expos for three years now, and has refused to move the team to Washington, where it would be (at least initially) profitable and warmly received. MLB is nearing its, like, 23rd self-imposed deadline for deciding what to do with the Expos. Meanwhile, the team had fewer than 5,000 in attendance for each of its home games in its last series, and is playing 22 of its home games in the Double-A luxury of San Juan, Puerto Rico. In other words: if they haven't moved the team here by now, they don't plan to, ever.

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