Why do you tease us, Metro?

Spotted at the South entrance to the Dupont Circle station: a sign advertising the ability to add value to Smartrip via the Internet. This has been promised to us by WMATA for years, but has not yet been implemented. They have, apparently, printed banners advertising the service. When will we get it? Who knows, for now I'm awaiting comment from Metro.

UPDATE: From Ron Holzer at WMATA:
The banner in the pictures has been up for a couple of years. It was installed to notify customers that our fare vendors now (then) accepted credit cards and you could purchase fare cards and SmarTrip cards from our website using a credit card, which you still can do at http://www.wmata.com/fares/purchase/.

To avoid confusion with future online/credit card programs, the banner will be taken down.


  1. I just want to be able to add value online and have it automatically recharge whenever it drops below a certain value.

    Even my Starbucks card can do that, so why can't WMATA do it?!

  2. but Starbucks has good people that know how to run a business.