Higher Learning

I was a stupider person back when I was a freshman in college. Who wasn't? It's not far-fetched to assume that we've all made stupid decisions that we now regret back when we were 17 or 18.

But nothing quite as stupid as what Sarah Marshak did.

Marshak is a freshman at George Washington. She is Jewish. Her Facebook networks are "GWU '11" and "Israel." I mention that because the "Israel" network implies that she strongly identifies with her Jewish heritage. So, surely she should know how powerful and ugly hate crimes are. And her acceptance into George Washington implies that she isn't an idiot.

So why she decided to get herself involved in a hate crime hoax is absolutely beyond me.

Marshak claims that someone legitimately started drawing swastikas on her whiteboard. She was unhappy with how GW was handling it so she started drawing her own swastikas to get the investigation to hurry along. If true, that is jaw-droppingly stupid. Hey, Sarah, was that worth the possibility of expulsion?

Marshak said Tara W. Pereira, director of SJS, informed her she would likely be expelled. Marshak said she did not want to leave GW but probably will.

Good! Marshak has made it harder for real victims of hate crimes to come forward. Every swastika and noose will now be met with an unfair dose of skepticism. Much like the Durham woman who made those false rape allegations against the Duke lacrosse team, Marshak has made it that much harder for people being terrorized to come forward. Was that really worth it, Sarah? You fucking dunce.

Another student was caught Saturday night in relation to the drawing of swastikas, the word "niggers" and the text "white power" in New Hall.

What exactly is going on over at George Washington? When did George Washington become Columbus University? If you're wandering around Foggy Bottom and you see someone who looks like Michael Rapaport, RUN!!


  1. How exactly does one "legitamately" draw swastikas on a whiteboard? You know she was doing it the whole time.

    In the future I see her drowning her children in a pond or something just to get on television.

    Keep pumpin' 'em out, GW!

  2. "And her acceptance into George Washington implies that she isn't an idiot."

    Errrr.....you sure about this?

  3. They're ranked significantly above American so I have to tread lightly here.

  4. Where's Nancy Grace when you need her? Maybe LSS can step in and fill the sensationalist void, since she's already teaching there.

  5. Who could blame her, what with Ice Cube's race-baiting and Laurence Fishburne giving her so many fucking assignments.

    And Omar Epps wouldn't give her the time of day, he's so busy trying to get into Tyra Banks' gym shorts.

    The poor girl was stressed out, so back the fuck off.

  6. We did a nice analysis of the situation over at the Colonialist:


  7. And her acceptance into George Washington implies that she isn't an idiot.

    Yeah, I think it implies the opposite.

    Yes, I went to Georgetown.

  8. there's a minority of jewish people who take themselves extremely seriously, and are super-atteched to the whole idea of jewish suffering. so, after having gone 18-20 years and not having to deal with with any real persecution whatsoever, i guess she wanted to feel like judaism was under attack to justify her victim complex.