If only we lived in a city where the bus actually showed up. Instead of totally not showing up.

I'm really getting the feeling that half the buses on the schedule don't actually exist. This has happened to me twice this year already: I'm waiting for the bus like a good citizen, and it just. Doesn't. Show.

And it sucks if you're waiting during off-peak times, like Toby was, because there's no backup coming. You wind up standing at the bus stop for half an hour, feeling like a chump for deceiving yourself into thinking the bus would actually come this time. It's as if Metro is mocking you: "Why did you want to go somewhere at 10 p.m., anyway? Silly person. People don't need to go places at night." And this is in, thanks to our uncanny aversion to streetlights, near total darkness.

So, as a proxy for Toby, and for everyone else who has been left in the lurch by Metro's complete retardedness, I would like to say: "Fuck You, Metrobus. Fuck You The Maximum Amount."

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