Blog Whoring

Ok, there's this guy who goes by the handle "HRH King Friday XIII." He is basically Commenter #1 on this blog. His comments are so excellent that I asked him to be my guest blogger when I took a vacation in April. He was quite good. I still owe him beers.

He mentioned that he would be starting his own blog. I totally forgot. I am a bad Internet friend.

Here it is:

He is funnier than me. And he updates more. Win-win for all you readers out there.


  1. Aw shucks, rusty. You shouldn't have. No seriously. Everyone here is sick of me already.

  2. Can I be this blog's fluffer?

    What about my blog, www.feltcher.blogspot.com?


  3. King Friday's blog sucks. Too much cursing, too little subtstance. Screams of a frat boy never putting his paty days behind him. fuck friday. fuck you too rusty. you suck almost as bad.