Missed Connection, m4m

Hi! We made eye contact while you were working last night at around 10:30pm. You were driving a 34 bus and I was waiting at my local bus stop on Wisconsin Avenue. The eye contact was electric!

So why did you keep driving? There I was at the stop, there you were on the bus...what part of bus etiquette did I miss? Should I have waved my arms frantically? Or is there some kind of WMATA tradition where you only pick up people after 10pm if you feel like it?

You: Black male, mid-to-late 20s, medium build, shaved head, wearing a WMATA uniform.
Me: White male, mid 20s, 6'2", 220lbs, brown hair, pissed as Hell.

Maybe we can meet sometime so I can tell you to go fuck yourself in person?


  1. What a tragedy.

    Never forget.

  2. Rusty, did you report it to WMATA? Would that even do anything?

  3. Clever post. Although, could have been worse, it might have actually been a connection and we'd sadly have no blog posts to read anymore. You know those WMATA buses seem to have good aim - 50 points to hit or run over the white dude who looks like he is have seizure (or he just likes to wave his arms like a fool).

  4. That actually happened to me a few weeks back in fucking Arlington of all places.

    At 7AM.

    In a nice neighborhood.

    Which reminded me why I love driving to work so much. You don't have to deal with these fucking inbreds on buses, followed by smashing into a Metrocar like Irish people in the steerage of the Titanic.

  5. Look out victims of driving-while-black: now we have victims of mass-transiting-while-white.

    Rusty, I hope during all that flailing and yelling, you didn't rip that free condom, delicately wrapped in paper, that you received for your buddy Fenty!

  6. You've been getting condoms for Fenty, Rusty?

  7. First really funny post in a while, RUsty. Keep up the good work. Trashing WMATA never gets old.

  8. rc's trunk... was it the ART 41 bus?

    my favorite experience was riding while a driver was on her cell phone the whole time, only putting it down to pick up a second phone that rang. of course she barely missed several cars and a few pedestrians as well as my signal to stop. when i called the customer service line to complain they gave me a number which was out of service. metrobus is like swiss efficiency compared to arlington transit

  9. I made a solemn vow to never complain about Metro after having to drive from Alex to Reston for a year. Nothing can compare to that hell.

  10. Metrobus drivers are why I started driving again. My car doesn’t stop to take twenty minute smoke breaks and drink cheap hooch out of a flask in front of DuPont Circle. It shows up on time. When it gets stuck in traffic it goes around.


    The drivers on the D2, D6, 32, and 34 buses, on the other hand...

  11. This might be me. Got any pics?

    r u cut or uncut?