John Wojnowski, This Is Your Time to Shine!

Anyone who takes the N-line to work knows all about Mr. Wojnowski. He's been outside the Vatican Embassy every day for years. His website is a little wacky, but his sign is 100% accurate.

With the Pope in town, I'm willing to bet that the MPD doesn't allow Wojnowski anywhere near the throngs of people trying to catch a glimpse of their false idol. After all, the right to protest and speech only counts in this country if no one important is there to see it.


  1. the guy also hangs around cua a lot, for obvious reasons...

    ...because students there somehow run the vatican.

  2. Off topic, but:

    *Would rather people get AIDS than use a rubber
    *Hates gays
    *Wears sensible, Christ like Prada shoes everywhere (and nothing less)
    *Protects pedophiles

    Go home, do not want.

  3. DC Dude, I believe the Church allows condom use to prevent HIV.

    So amend to "would rather people/children starve to death than use a rubber"

  4. John Wojnowski is one of my favorite DC icons! I give him a honk everytime I drive by. Whatever his issues, you gotta respect his dedication to his protest.

  5. Rusty: Do they really? Were you raised Catholic? Shady at best. Do not trust.



  6. My point is that they have dragged their feet with issues, and worse, knowingly disseminated misinformation in the past. End of rant, back to Mr. W

  7. Let's give Pope Benny the credit he's due. Does Mr. Wojnowski have any idea the number of boys a priest must molest to achieve Pope status? Show some respect.

  8. It would actually be cool if "they" let the Pope talk to Wojnowski for about a minute. I'm quite sure he doesn't get that kind of harassment outside the Vatican.

  9. blog should be entitled why.i.hate.people.who.don't.believe.what.i.belive

    that being said, I'd be interested to know if he was out today.

  10. this guy sucks. for some reason it really bothers me that he's always out there protesting every gay event in DC (I've seen him many times over my eight years in DC). I saw him ball out two lesbians on the metro one time for no reason at all, they were sitting there minding their own business.

    It's funny because all the DC liberal types think he's some kind of icon. He stands for a lot of shit they don't believe in.

    If you learn a little bit more about him, you'll learn he doesn't have a radical anti-Catholic agenda; he has a radical homophobic agenda.

    I'm not neither Catholic, nor gay, and I'd agree that the Vatican is an uber-fucked up institution. People should be careful who they cheer on though. their beef with Catholic institution may not be the same as Wojnowski's.

    I'm sure the man went through some shit, and pretty obviously, it was at the hands of a homosexual, but I don't think that justifies every aspect of his lifelong mission.

  11. empshel,

    to answer your question, I actually just saw him a couple hours ago. They had moved him to the intersection of Observatory and Mass (about fifty yards up from where he usually was) and he had a MASSIVE brand new sign that said "THE POPE HIDES PEDOPHILES". He actually had a crowd of about ten people around him, though i'm not sure if they were supporters or detractors. I'm sure he got his fair share of both today.

  12. Actually the Catholic church/vatican has repeatedly undertaken efforts to discredit the use of condoms as a way to protect someone from the tranmission of HIV. And they continue to state that the use of condoms is a sin.

  13. "I'm sure the man went through some shit, and pretty obviously, it was at the hands of a homosexual."

    Matt, don't you think that statement in itself is tad homophobic? As you know, people are gay for no reason other than they were born that way. Just like people are crazy assholes for no other reason than they were born that way.

    Yes, Mr. W is an asshole, but so is the Pope to a certain extent. I say this with a childhood of Catholic school under my belt.

  14. The reason he protests at CUA is because CUA is the only Catholic school in the US to receive funding directly from the Vatican. They're pretty proud of that-- it's THE Catholic University of America.

  15. "I'm sure the man went through some shit, and pretty obviously, it was at the hands of a homosexual."

    I'm pretty sure it was at the hands of a pedophile, actually. Most pedophiles, including adult men who sexually abuse boys, are not, in fact, gay. Some pedophiles are unable to form attractions or sexual relationships with other adults, but of the rest, the vast majority are men who date/sleep with/marry women.

    Just clarifying. Matt, I'm sure it's nothing you don't already know, but it's a pretty common misperception, shared by Mr. W and plenty of folks who think of themselves as pretty open-minded alike. It is, nonetheless, a misperception.

  16. the comment from "Matt" (resident of N. Ireland) must be a phony. It basically repeats a photoless WaPo article from last week.

    If anyone HAS SEEN Wojnowski,

    I haven't seen him, and I see him almost every day

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