This Certainly Explains a Lot

Take a nap at a frat party and you are just asking to be graped. Take a nap at work and you can use it as a flimsy excuse to write another sub-par article.

Talk about your double standards!


  1. Yeah, it's a crappy article, but don't diss the mid-day nap at work. She is right on that.

    But soooo wrong on gray rape, so keep up the good LSS hate.

  2. AnonymousMay 06, 2008

    Rusty is a douche ... (I've kept up my end of the bargin, no hateful speech, but where oh where is everyone else calling Rusty a douche?) ... Do it for America,

  3. How could I comply and keep my secret safe? I compromised, writing in my name but not the rationale.

    ooooh, you're soooo bad, laurasess. i bet sometimes, little laura even ate three cookies when her mom told her could have two.

  4. After reading that article, pulling out my eye-sockets then reattaching them, I'm now convinced she keeps at least one of her daughters secretly imprisoned in a hidden basement with padded walls.

  5. Alicia’s “gray area” experience is something that is becoming so common, it has earned its own moniker: gray rape. didn't SHE make up the name??

    heh, and their statistic is out of a 5 year college career?

  6. AnonymousMay 06, 2008

    lordie. seriously, cosmo, "don't get smashed" is your tip to avoid "date rape" good one!

    this reminds me of another fave-cosmo blast-from-the-past on "how to get your man to talk" or some other such drivel. In in, I kid you not, they suggested playing "talk hockey." siggggh.

    Also, cosmo doesn't allow comments? that's too bad. cause I swear I wrote the graping article circa 1992 for my COLLEGE newspaper (where it and my writing then belonged.)

  7. I always thought gray rape had to do with old people!?!? ie "Look at poor, old Mrs. Henderson. Man, I'd love to grape that wrinkly ass."

  8. Wow. I'm sure Cosmo is excited that they'll be on the shortlist for next year's Pulitzers for that crack-pipe journalism. I bet no one at the Post lets her go near those things.