The anti-Anti Real World DC

So I've thus far refrained from comment on the whole Real World: DC ordeal. Honestly, out of all of the things that deserve hating upon in the DC area, this ranks near the bottom. A television show is being filmed in a house, and some camera crews are going to follow some people around. Big fucking deal.

If you read DC blogs (I assume you do, at this point), then you've probably heard about The Anti Real World DC. It's a collaborate blog effort that's been going on for a few weeks. I've been reading it occasionally, as it's gotten ubiquitous coverage as of late. I've avoided commenting on this, but there are a few things that really need to be said.

1. Get over it. The Real World is here, and they don't care about you. I'm sorry that there are roughly six less parking spots in your neighborhood than before. And maybe the house will be a little noisy for the duration of their stay. However, the producers of the Real World obtained all of the necessary permits and are here legally. Maybe they aren't playing by your so called rules, and attending your local ANC meetings. But if you've got a serious problem with this, take it up with the Government of the District of Columbia. I'm sorry the producers of the show didn't come to your house with a fruit basket to preemptively apologize for their presence.

2. I was with you, somewhat, but then you went after the appearance of the cast. Did you have legitimate concerns about the show, because I forgot the moment you discuss how a girl was wearing too much makeup. 1) who cares, and 2) she's being filmed, of course she'll have more makeup on than normal. Are you Perez Hilton or are you trying to make a real point? Because I don't know anymore. Your celebrity gawking and mocking is just more publicity for the show you supposedly despise and are up in arms about.

3. You actually meet some of the cast and "epically fail" in your mocking. So you're at the Big Hunt and some members of the cast come into the bar. What's that? You mock them for listening to Kanye West and Outkast? Further mocking for the Temptations? Wow, grasping for straws a bit there? You come face to face with one of the girls (is this the one with too much makeup?) and all you manage to say is that you don't hate her and that you want to buy her a drink. Because she's cute. Oh, okay. And then you go on and bash the Human Rights Campaign? All in one post? Jesus, how many more people do you want to alienate on your blog. Typical DC, I suppose. All talk, but when you had a chance to say "you aren't welcome here, in fact, I dedicate a lot of my spare time to mocking you" you didn't. No, you hit on her. And then you lamented that you went home alone. Please.

4. What's the point, and are you astroturfing for MTV? Yeah, that's right. I went there. Maybe someone smart at MTV realized that "local blogs" are popular, and that they could drum up publicity by creating an "Anti" Real World blog. If MTV isn't paying you to promote the show, they should start. Free advertising.

The Anti Real World DC is doing one thing, serving as the epitome of self-absorbed, self-important DC. I could really care less about the Real World filming in DC, but what I really hate are these people who get so riled up about something that is not worth getting riled up over. They sprinkle in little 'factoids' about how important they think they are (e.g. "Look at me! I'm important. I plan events! For a non-profit! I know how to make nice with the ANC") and how this is obviously the end of the world for them.

Look, you'll survive. Maybe I should have made a blog called "Anti Wrecking Ball Coming 10 ft. From My Window" back when the school next to where I lived was being torn down. No one asked me if that was O.K. That was a whole lot louder and a whole lot more a pain in the ass than some stupid television show. Or how about the "Anti Gang War down the Street from Where I Live," that's one I can get behind. Or maybe "Anti Marion Barry Embarrassing My City So I'll Never Get the Vote."

I know for a fact that you are loving every second of this, and without a doubt you will watch every damn episode that airs. So why don't you change your web site already and admit to the world you're happy they are here.


  1. Hard to believe this would be the blog to mock another blog's earnestness.

    1. Get over it. Metro is here, and they don't care about you. John Catoe, he especially doesn't care about you.

  2. if any blog is going to mock another one, odds are it would be this one. i mock blogs all of the time here.

    i would hope that if i ever do come face to face with john catoe, i'll tell him i think he should take responsibility for a massive failure and resign his position.

  3. Thank. You. A little "meh" is fine, but lord people, get over yourselves!

  4. Amen. I'm totally pro Real World DC. While I don't give a crap about any of it, it's something at least interesting and brings a little publicity to our town which is mostly known for gang shootings and stuffed shirt capitol hill people.

    On the other hand, one of the other good things about The Real World is it's great fodder for making fun of. Are you so sure their blog is earnest in its hatred and not just having fun? I have read it a little bit and the real "hating" is coming from the commenters, not the bloggers. It's got a sense of humor, and making fun of The Real World seems at least as legit as making fun of Marion Barry.

  5. Well, I don't know. They have too many cooks in the kitchen, perhaps, so it's hard to understand what they are trying to do.

  6. This is why why.i.hate.dc is my favorite blog

  7. "The Anti Real World DC is doing one thing, serving as the epitome of self-absorbed, self-important DC." Thank you for commenting on that blog. What an exercise in irony - a bunch of self-absorbed, self-important people complaining about people they see as self-absorbed and self-important for being on a reality TV show? Spare me.

  8. Did anyone else catch Dave's "3 minute interview" in the Washington Examiner? Page 5, today. No real money quotes, mentions of rape-fantasies or murder, but there was some kind of endorsement:

    "Dave Stroup, 25, has become one of Washington's best haters."

    It may be time to throw that up on the blog masthead here.

  9. AnonymousJuly 08, 2009

    I bet someone got a lot of Facebook friend requests recently.

  10. Great post. Someone give the anti-Real World people a rattle.

  11. ARWDC writers are looking for free publicity. They got it!

  12. Is this supposed to get us to wake up tomorrow and decide to stop writing? What would bloggers do if they didn't have something to hate on? Umm...exactly!

    Thanks for reading guys!

  13. wow. You actually read the anti real world blog? I looked at it for a minute, got bored, and closed it. I'll probably have the same experience when Real World DC airs, if I stumble across it. Remember when we all knew which cable channel aired MTV?