Holiday weekend is here, blog readers go on vacation

It's been a slow week around the blag-o-sphere, given that an estimated 30% of the city is on vacation right now. However, there's always news to report. So here's a few quick hits for anyone who still opens their browser or RSS reader over the holiday weekend.

A big story is that Metro has decided to run the Red Line at normal speed again. This comes just days after John Catoe said the line would run at 35 m.p.h. until the cause of the June crash was determined. The WaPo says Metro consulted with the NTSB, who signed off on the plan. Trains will still be operating at slower speeds through the Ft. Totten-Takoma section of track. The puzzling part is that Metro says the 35 m.p.h. speed limit may be resumed after the weekend. It's either safe or it's not, make up your mind.

In the realm of most people don't care, the Real World cast has begun moving into their house on S Street in Dupont Circle. A small gaggle of bloggers and gawkers greeted a few of the new cast members yesterday afternoon. A longer piece about this is in the works. Look for that on Monday.

Thought I was done with the Red Line crash? Thanks to LL Daily (kudos for updating on a holiday!) for pointing out this link, to Dave Statter talking about the media blackout after the crash. According to Statter, Mayor Fenty ordered all city officials stop cease releasing information about the crash until he could hold his own press conference later that evening. This is an interesting read if only to get a sense of the dynamics at play within the Fenty administration.

Finally, from the Follow Up on This in Six Months department--there's been some talk around the Airport Authority board of restoring the original name of National Airport to, well, National Airport. Supposedly the current (super) majority in Congress might be grumbling a bit about it. No word on if the plans call for the eventually renaming to Obama National Airport.

Enjoy the weekend folks. And remember, only you can prevent the epidemic of illegal fireworks. Remember, safety is everyone's responsibility.

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