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Sorry folks, it's been a couple of those days where the "full time, employed" side of life starts dragging on the blogging. There's been a few good things kicking around, though nothing that got the rage pumping enough to forgo sleep or eating to blog. I know, my priorities are totally off, sorry dear readers.

In the event anyone would like to sponsor the site, and ensure timely, "snarky" updates, multiple times a day, I'm not going to turn you down. You, me and Gawker can all team up to put the Washington Post out of business. Hopefully so they don't write more drivel about the Target in Columbia Heights.


More information on Barry's spending of city dough, making it even clearer he's a total asshole. The Post has some deets including that he paid a woman from Reynoldsburg, Ohio $50k to coordinate a "Summit on Poverty" in Southeast. I know we're trying to stimulate the economy in the Rust Belt and all, but somehow I don't see the need to funnel DC money to a suburb of Columbus. Barry also used money to pay a firm that helped him support tainted Illinois Senator Roland Burris. Peas in a pod, perhaps.

More "all hands," still likely pointless. Tuesday night was "National Night Out," and DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier had all police officers on duty through Wednesday morning. Previously "all hands" weekends were limited to weekends. I've discussed these sorts of things recently, but most notably I wanted to point you to a great post by Jamie at farmfreshmeat. I especially love the graphics.

Gabe Klein's desire named 'streetcars.' I'm excited about the idea of streetcars, especially when I see the tracks being put on H Street, NE. Washington Biz Journal has some nice info about the District's completely half-assed attempt at streetcars. Remember that we purchased streetcars before we had tracks, and we are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to have them stored and cared for in the Czech republic. As the article notes, we're building tracks on H Street, though overhead wires are banned in the area. Hopefully someone can figure out how to remove head from ass and update the L'Enfant Plan. I'm all for some degree of keeping things in the style intended, but it might be time to revisit a few things.


  1. By "sponsor the site, and ensure timely, 'snarky' updates" do mean to invite other people to post here? That might go some distance toward improving the quality and frequency of posts. It may be time to replace Anne who, again, clearly doesn't care/exist.

    While I'm leaving my monthly comment, may I ask what happened to the Moe chart of hatin' on the right hand side of the page? Are you and PoP and KK friends now? Frienemies?

  2. It was more a sarcastic swipe at sites that have local businesses sponsor them so they can blog 'full time.' I might as well take down the couple Google ads that are on here, as I've made all of about $7.50 in two months :P

    I've thought about soliciting a new writer or two, but after the whole m@ debacle I just don't know. Generally I can pull off a post a day or so, but occasionally life gets in the way. We'll see.

    I removed the enemy list because with the Twitter and Catoe boxes it was stretching the page out even more on shorter updates. I might still hate whatever-her-name was from PoP (the intern) and I haven't heard anything from Kaykay in a while. Personally-aimed vitriol does seem to get the site traffic, but it does crush the soul.

  3. Fuck you. Your writing sucks anyway. At least "M@" deviated from the norm. You won't make any money on this shit.

  4. Didn't you mean to log in with a different account when you left that comment?

  5. P.S. I'm moving to Austin soon, assholes. Kiss my ass.

  6. M@ got a job!

    How does it feel to be employed, slugger? I'm sure Daddy will let you sit in the front seat when he drives you to work on your BIG FIRST DAY.

    Or, maybe he's just moving to Austin to be a leech in another city.

  7. I especially appreciate how DCDOT has no idea how they are going to power that trolley at all. That's Barry-rific! http://bit.ly/xNFAo

  8. Thanks for the shout out!

  9. Dave,

    I thought the "full-time, employed" phrase was actually a shot at M@. It turned out not to be, but he still ended up posting in his usual pissy-pants manner.