Topless hair salon coming to DC Area?

Who knows if this is actually "for reals" but the following was posted on Cragislist:
Topless Hairstylist Needed (metro area)

We are currently looking for licensed cosmotologist/hair stylist to interview for a new high end mens salon/club opening soon. The themed salon will be around real stylist whom are dressed either in lingerie or topless depending on the service chosen by the customer. This will be a classy enviroment with upscale pricing and a 50/50 split with huge tip potential. You must be attractive, skilled, engaging, and willing to make every cut a memorable experience. There were be very strict policies in place with an emphasis of providing a extremely safe and pleasant working enviroment. We are only hiring the best 10 candidates so get your application in. Please email us your resume and a photo. We will be scheduling in person interviews based on the applicates qualifications and over all presentation. All resumes and inquires will be strictly confidential and not released or shared with anyone outside the HR department of the company.
You know, I don't even know what to say. This was posted in the Maryland section, so who knows exactly where this will pop up (if anywhere). Seems like similar things have opened in Canada and the UK. The whole idea is laughable, if only for the fact that a topless stylist covered in hair sounds disgusting.

Definitely an "upscale and classy" idea.


  1. I'm sure that this story will have a happy ending.

  2. How many members of the city council will be regular patrons? Watch who goes in and out the back door.

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  4. Discriminating!!!! i am a stylist for over 20 years "with clothes on" what gives the right to down grade weman for this perfession!!!!! sex sells on the street morons !!! not in a professional enviroment! I am outraged with this add!!!! it should be noted to the equal oppertunity rights to the public and to human resorces .... if its false its not a joke ! its racial!!! and disgusting!!! How shallow can people get to put this in a public site!!! must be some pornp sicko who came with this idea for craigist!!! Its not enough that a few months ago 20 WEMAN were brutely murderded from some craiglist mass murderer NOW THIS??? ASKING FOR BIG TIME TROUBLE!!!!

  5. This anonymous writer is a complete idiot!!! Not only can't she spell she can't realize that we live in a supposedly free society. If it's not hurting anyone then F off!!!! I wish she could explain the racial, discriminating and equal opportunity side of her ridiculously stupid argument. Take your old ass to super cuts where cheap people can listen to you complain for $7.50.

  6. What gives the right to ridicule and use getto language like that! this woman was expressing her freedom of speech you must be immature and illiterate. I think the state board of cosmetology should complain and document it in full print and take this place to the judge!! Whats next CRACK HOUSE TAKE OUT!!I think place so called salon is a public matter to everyone who lives in dc who have kids and family that already protecting the frightening society we live in. s a matter of fact, that jfrap guy works in that strip joint salon am very sure!! and for the ladies if you think working in this salon is a way to get off the streets your WRONG! its just a roof over all yo heads... by the way the older woman that wrote the message is an outstanding stylist in Georgetown, she charges me $75 and its worth every penny. By the way jfrap or jbfrap you spelled S-O-C-I-E-T-Y wrong!!! and decimal point goes after the five not before!!!!!! Idiot