Briefly noted, Monday;

Columbia Heights Day celebrated with bloody weekend. Now we're back to normal, sadly. A woman was shot and killed near 14th and Harvard at around 9:30 on Saturday evening. Also, according to blog The Heights Life, 2 men were shot near 14th and Park Road at around 3:20 AM. Police appear to have no suspects in the homicide at this time, and are offering a $25,000 reward. Attention Chief Lanier, that big 100 is getting a whole lot closer. Did you bite off more than you can chew?

This one writes itself, MPD attempts to lose weight. MPD officers and civilian staff managed to collectively lose 1,100 pounds in a summer weight loss challenge. Sounds great, right? Well, 800 people participated. That averages out to 1.37 lbs per person. There's an awards ceremony planned for next month. Will there be cake?

If you didn't already know, there may be a serial sexual predator loose in Georgetown. I honestly have no idea why this isn't getting more media coverage. The Georgetown Voice blog reports yet another possible sexual assault in Georgetown, following the same M.O. seen in many others. Many believe these are linked and are the work of the "Georgetown Cuddler." Some range from mere "cuddling" to alleged rape. An aside, many congrats on the Voice blog for celebrating it's third anniversary. I fondly remember my time at the Voice, sadly prior to the existence of the blog.

Something other than crime... how about bus lanes? The Post has an interesting piece on proposed bus lanes for K Street. Musings on the K Street Transitway have been floating around transit-oriented blogs, but it's nice to see the Post delve into the subject. The District Department of Transportation hopes to receive some stimulus dollars to finance installing dedicated bus lanes in the middle of K Street. If you've ever ridden a bus that goes down K Street, you'll likely be in favor of this idea. The plan was originally shelved until 2017 or later, but according to the Post work could start much sooner if the stimulus request is approved. Construction, though complicated and annoying to motorists, could be finished as quickly as 2012. If DDOT manages to get the K Street Transitway built, and the trolly on H Street working within 5 years, I'll be amazed.

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