Briefly noted, Tuesday;

More bloodshed in the District yesterday. A house turned into a bloody crime scene in Brightwood Park, near Petworth. MPD responded to a multiple shooting around 6:30 PM last night. Four men were shot, and Michael Harris, 24, died. WJLA-TV initially reported online that one of the victims was critical, but would not be "transferred to hospital." This was likely a confusing way to say "died at the scene," but some might wonder if "death panels" were involved.

Woman killed in Columbia Heights was likely a bystander. WJLA-TV reports Deborah Ann Brown, 48, was walking home from her job at the Dunkin Donuts on 14th Street when she was hit by gunfire. Witnesses say a shooter on a bicycle opened fire on a group of men sitting on the steps of the Greater Urban D.C. League building. The shooting may have been a part of continued violence between the 14th and Girard and 13th and Columbia gangs. The ongoing gang war, however, has had little impact on ever inflating real estate prices in the area. Good deal or not? You tell me.

Not too surprising, D.C. schools are violent. The Examiner reports that in the 2007-2008 school year, the D.C. Schools called MPD 3,500 times. At least 900 of these calls were for violent crimes. The article does point out that these figures don't tell the entire story. MPD provides security for all public schools, and as such must be called for any incident. These numbers are for all hours of the day, whether or not students were in the building. In any event, though, the figures are disturbing. DCPS notes "serious incidents" dropped 17% in 2009, but that's still 1,117 calls for fights, abuse, assault, robbery, weapon possession, drugs or fires.

Bishop Harry Jackson still trying to stop gay marriage. The man does have persistence. Legitimate D.C. residency? That's another question. Harry Jackson again is leading a charge for a ballot initiative to define marriage as a union of a man and a woman. The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics previously denied a similar request. Some argue that legalizing gay marriage in the District will result in civil war. We'll likely find out later this fall when the D.C. Council is expected to vote on the matter.

Garden District's second 14th Street location closing. Prince of Petworth reports, but does get a few facts incorrect. For those who don't know, Garden District is a high-priced fancy plant store. The first location, near the Black Cat at 14th and S will remain open. Their second store, within sight of the first, was opened at 14th and Church not that long ago. Is anyone surprised this second location failed? There's only so much room for businesses whose model is "spend $100 on a crappy ficus." In the battle of Garden District versus Garden District, it appears both were losers.

Ghana Cafe coming to 14th Street, near the 7/11. 14th and U reports that Ghana Cafe will be moving from Adams Morgan to 14th Street, south of Rhode Island Avenue. I can't tell if he's being sarcastic when he muses on their request for 2 am & 3 am closing times. "Yeah, we know Saint-Ex has those hours, but we can't all be Saint-Ex, can we?" The stretch of 14th from Thomas Circle to P Street could use an establishment open later. Plenty of people walk towards McPherson Square from the entertainment farther up 14th, and right now that stretch is dead and dark after 10 pm. In fact, I believe the establishment that is currently open the latest is Popeye's.

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  1. Wonder if we could get free shooting lessons for gang members so at least they'd have a greater chance of hitting each other and not innocent bystanders...