John Catoe's contract extended by another 3 years

The WMATA Board has voted to extend General Manager John Catoe's contract by another 3 years. Board members voiced support for the manager, despite recent safety problems and the 6/22 crash. Board member Chris Zimmerman called Catoe the best person in the country for the job. Catoe's new contract begins January 30, 2010 and his salary of $315,000 plus living expenses is unchanged.

Maybe when Metro Board Chairman Jim Graham is finished praising Catoe's wonderful job, he will have a comment about his chief of staff being arrested.

The vote was 5 in favor, 1 against. Roll call information is not available at this time. Catoe's reaction to the approval was that it is a reflection on his staff and the direction the agency is headed.

I know I feel better already.

UPDATE: The one NAY vote was from the District's City Administrator Neil Albert.


  1. This blog is better than Klonopan!


  2. I am sickened beyond belief. Who are these fools on the board? They should all be named individually in law suits by family members of Metro's victims under his incompetent watch. This is an outrage.