DDOT cleans up, restores ghost bikes?

Quick update. The previously piled up ghost bikes have been put back up at their original locations. They have laminated tags from the District Department of Transportation (pictured) saying the bikes will be removed in 10 days. The original artist, Legba Carrefour was not involved in the clean-up.

@ScienceClub confirms DDOT personnel were on the scene putting the tags on the bikes.

To clarify my earlier post from today, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association was not responsible for the ghost bikes. Their offices are located nearby, and they had been involved with the original ghost bike display and worked with Alice Swanson's family.


  1. Oh, great. So the upshot of this ridiculous ghost bike fiasco is that DPW has now been browbeaten into sticking labels on abandoned crap before they can remove it.

    More wasted taxpayer money and more time before crap gets picked up. Thanks a lot, douche bag.

  2. By the way. Does WABA have any comment on the fact that the original ghost bike violated three DC bike parking laws (25 feet from the corner, locked to a light pole, and locked for more than 12 hours)?

    It's also interesting that WABA doesn't even mention the bike parking rules on their web site. That was the first place I went when I tried to find them, and was surprised that they don't seem to think that's the actual rules aren't important enough to mention there.

    I would think WABA would at least present the appearance of encouraging cyclists in DC to not break the law.