Briefly noted, Thursday;

Is anyone else excited that today is the beginning of football season?

Examiner says Metro "unsafe at any speed." Of course, I agree with this statement, but not for quite the same reasons. The Examiner editorial board instead places a good deal of emphasis on union contract negotiation. The editorial also emphasizes transparency. Transparency is important but the bigger issue has been and remains to be Metro's failure to comprehend how emphasize safety in a meaningful way.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund to help improve the Mall. WTOP reports an "AP EXCLUSIVE" that the non-profit that funded the Vietnam Wall will help rehab the Mall. They begin with $96,000 in spending to fix an irrigation system and help with weed abatement.

Brief update on Metrobus versus pedestrian accident. WMATA says the Metrobus operator has tested negative for drugs and alcohol. The name of the driver has not been released, and police are still investigating. No charges have been filed yet.

Did Teddy Win? Controversy comes out of Nationals Park. Teddy appeared to win the Presidents' Race last night but was disqualified.

Metro's budget is in trouble. I'll have more information about this in a longer post, but Michael Perkins over at GGW takes a look at Metro's budget situation. Doesn't look good at all. Fare hikes likely.

Former Why I Hate DC writer Marissa leaves town. Marissa, of the Anti DC, is leaving town. She's posted about it and has also started a new blog for her life outside of DC. WIHDC wishes her the best of luck.


  1. Sadly, this is getting tired. Nearly time for you to step down from this blog, eh? Been nearly a year? Get some new writers. This old blood isn't moving any oxygen.

  2. i'll be sure to tell the 1,123 subscribers to stop reading because it's gotten too boring.

  3. Thanks for the update on Marissa. As a longtime (although tardy) reader, I occasionally wonder about James F, Rusty, King Friday, and the rest of the gang who variously shared their time and talent back in the day.