Briefly noted, Wednesday;

It's 9/9/09, the day of the upside-down devil. Look out, and don't do any headstands today.

Lovely weather, as well. Nothing gets you in the mood for the rest of the week like a wet, grey and humid morning. Looks like it'll rain for much of the day.

Water taxi service begins to Nationals Park. $20 round-trip to ride a boat from Alexandria to a Nats game. Add in the price to park in Alexandria, and the whole boat adventure turns out to cost about 5x as much as riding on the Metro. Seems demand is initially low for the boat service, which at $20 is more of a gimmick than mass transportation.

Summer jobs program for 2009 cost $41 million. The Post takes a look at this year's program for DC teens, which at best had mixed success. Fenty loves this program, and it's cost more than doubled on his watch. Last year the program cost over $55 million as a result of Fenty's promise to give every teen a job who wanted one. Next year the budget is capped at $20 million. Still too much? Too little? Perhaps the problem is with bad planning and management. I remember having to hire a summer jobs participant in 2008. One bad apple perhaps, but it seemed there was little motivation for him to do a good job, and there was little oversight. He came in, goofed off and collected a paycheck. A pretty decent paycheck, too.

Strange sex abuse scandal involving former U.S. Ambassador to Paraguay. WJLA-TV reaches new heights of poorly written web stories with this one. Court documents paint a picture of an alleged drugging and sexual assault, with the addition of some handguns, a machete, and Starbucks. The accused is Amb. Timothy Towell.
The accuser told police that Towell made him a drink before going to dinner that made him stumble and feel light headed, according to court records.

After returning from dinner about 10 p.m., the accuser agreed to spend the night to avoid driving back to the suburbs, court records indicated. Towell showed the young man a machete and a handgun, a black Colt revolver that the accuser held, according to court records. The accuser told police he was frightened by the weapons.
Too strange for words. Towell denies all charges.

Whatever happened with... ? I'm going to start maintaining a list of all of those news stories that left us hanging, and then dropped of the mainstream media's radar. I'll poke and prod and try to find out more, and provide updates. Here's what I'm tracking now:


  1. Why would you need to park in Alexandria? We have both Metro AND bus service in our fair city. Even a FREE bus that runs up & down King St.

  2. This blog used to be funny.

  3. The stabbing took place in Shaw, not Bloomingdale.

    Whats the diff on a blog where Arlington is considered Washington?

  4. Technically it was in Truxton Circle, or maybe Eckington.

  5. No, it wasn't in Bloomingdale or Eckington.

    Truxton Circle is a subset of Shaw. So yes, technically it was in TC, which is part of Shaw.


  6. Territorial much? People I know who live on the street, specifically directly across the street from the murder, say they live in Bloomingdale. They had never even heard the words Truxton Circle before.