Briefly noted, Friday;

It's miserable outside today. It's Friday, and it's September 11. Eight years out I have to say it was a secondary thought to me that today was 9/11. To a certain extent, that's probably a good thing. We remember the victims but hopefully no longer focus so much on being afraid. Soon it'll be six years since the DC Sniper. Now that was terrifying.

Labor arbitrator shoots down All Hands on Deck. Chief Lanier and Mayor Fenty's "All Hands on Deck" program has been deemed a violation of MPD's labor contract. The police union has long been against AHOD, claiming it's not much more than theatre that violates their contract. The city plans on appealing this ruling. The City Paper has more on this. AHOD, like the "crime emergencies," seem to yield very little results. How about MPD work on further developing their communications with communities rather than every few weeks wasting a bunch of time putting on a show.

DDOT approves farmer's market near the White House. Vermont Avenue will be closed from 1pm-8pm on Thursdays for a new farmer's market. Damn, that was some record time for approval from DDOT. Farmer's markets are great, but few people other than the Obamas actually live near Vermont and H St, NW. It is located near many bus lines and the McPherson Square Metro station, so that's a plus. Some are complaining about the traffic problems, 4,600 cars travel on Vermont Avenue between H and I on an average day. I'm actually surprised that many vehicles use that stretch of Vermont.

Man arrested with gun outside Capitol might be from Falls Church. The AP (via the Examiner) reports that Joshua Bowman, 28, was arrested outside the U.S. Capitol during President Obama's heathcare speech. Bowman had a shotgun and ammunition in his trunk. AP locates a Joshua Bowman in Falls Church, Va. Ooh, maybe the AP used Google to find that, too. I have to wonder, Falls Church City or Fairfax County. Either way, must have been riled up after one of those townhall meetings. Sadly, this isn't uncommon, the Secret Service are stretched too thin investigating the enormous number of threats to the President.

Miriam's Kitchen hosts yoga for the homeless. An interesting, dare I say "heartwarming" piece in the Post about a yoga class for homeless people. In a lot of ways I can see how yoga for the homeless could be a good thing... though it's hard not to say things such as "well, medical and dental check-ups would be better." I suppose if we had more unemployed doctors and dentists, we might seem them offering their services for free while layed off. Two words, liberal guilt.

Prince of Petworth goes "professional" today. I don't know what that means, beyond I suppose that PoP quit his day job. Prince of Petworth does get a fair number of scoops on new business and restaurant openings, though occasionally the number of mindless posts get annoying. Some changes are in store for the site, it seems, perhaps better research and copy editing are among them. Best of luck to PoP, it's very difficult to make a living blogging.

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  1. I was at the Pentagon when it got hit. And even I had forgotten. I DO remember the Alamo, however. Sadly, there were lots of Mexican children climbing on it as I walked back to my hotel.