Briefly noted, mo' money mo' problems, Tuesday;

Senate approves $150 million for Metro safety. The Post has a write up on a Senate bill providing funds for "projects that will improve the safety" of the Metrorail system. The main priorities for the money would be to implement important National Transportation Safety Board recommendations. It's not a done deal yet, the details need to be worked out with the House before President Obama signs it. We'll see how much accountability is behind these earmarks, and how Metro will implement them. Perhaps 'much needed' bonuses for John Catoe and perhaps Lisa Farbstein, given the 'difficult' job they've had to do in the wake of the 6/22 crash. We'll see what happens, $150 million isn't enough to fix everything but it's enough to put a stop to the "we have no money" excuse.

Domestic violence support group WEAVE to shut down. This is just tragic. The DC non-profit that provides emotional and legal support to survivors of domestic violence will be shutting down. The group was operating with a $2 million budget, serving over 3,500 people annually. Most of their funding comes from government sources and grants, with a huge amount from the District's Office of Victim Services. Due to the budget crunch, there will be no funding for counseling services in FY2010, and WEAVE will have to cease operations. For most of those WEAVE helps, there are no other organizations to pick up the slack. WEAVE provides legal services for women, and if the organization shuts down, many victims may lose their legal representation in the midst of trials. The group is attempting to raise $80,000 to keep legal services going, they have brought in about $37k. Visit this site to donate. Way to cut a really vital part of the city's budget. Kick people when their down is the best way to improve the city. As much as I'd hate to say it, I'd rather see Saturday hours cut at the library than WEAVE shut down. I know budgets aren't always flexible like that, but for the price of a dog park we could continue to help victims of domestic violence. Also, for the record, the price tag of the dog park was only for the dog park, not for the human park as well.

Some DC cabbies are on strike, WTOP won't tell you why. Super double-secret cabbie strike today, according to WTOP News. All the article says is:
WASHINGTON -- You may have trouble catching a cab Tuesday morning.
Some D.C. cab drivers are holding a strike until 6 p.m.

It is not a full fledge strike.

WTOP called a few D.C. cab companies and they say you can still get a cab if you need one.
Wow that was some awesome reporting there. Someone in the comments says it's related to today being World Carfree Day.

Controversy over liquor licenses on Bladensburg Road, NE. The local ANC wants to ban both single sales of alcohol and new liquor licenses for non "chain" restaurants. In a reversal of roles, WeLoveDC reports. It's unclear on what exactly an "established chain" is... could the owners of Marvin or the Diner open an establishment? Or is a brightly lit (possibly neon) sign a requirement? I'm noting this down in the "look into this further" file. It seems like we might be seeing some resistance to the gentrification along H Street. Residents, perhaps, don't want more alcohol-serving taverns attracting yupsters from NW and Virginia.

DC Council hires Florida-based firm to construct ethics rules? Michael Neibauer reports in the Examiner that the Council has a contract with Jacksonville, Fla. firm CityEthics to develop a new ethics code. Neibauer notes that the new 'guidelines' are mostly toothless. I have to ask, in a city full of public policy experts and wonks, why we are contracting this out to a firm in Florida?


  1. So cab drivers are not working on a day when hundreds (if not thousands) choose to leave their cars at home?

    That does not exactly engender sympathy.

  2. I have to ask, in a city full of public policy experts and wonks, why we are contracting this out to a firm in Florida?

    Because none of ours are ethical.

  3. What are they striking against now? The fact that they are only making 40-50% more money than most cabs in the U.S, instead of 100%?

  4. And why are they wasting the money on doing so with this suppose budget shortfall?

  5. Both of my cabbies (VA based companies) to and from Arlington said that DC cab drivers were protesting the mandated use of meters. I gave both cabbies a $5 tip.