Briefly noted, keep on rollin' Tuesday;

Good morning, and welcome back to summer. For today. I was walking to the Metro today and noticed some construction workers getting ready to install a Greco-Roman Panic Room (pictured). Or a utility vault of some type. Jodie Foster could not be reached for comment.

A good deal of notable news stories from yesterday, though my favorite comes out of Baltimore. A Johns Hopkins medical student killed an intruder with a samurai sword. Appears a man entered the student's house through a garage. When confronted a fight ensued and the samurai sword won. Perhaps we'll see a call for stricter sword control.

Police search for wheelchair gunman following a daytime shooting on H St, NE. MPD is looking for a man in a wheelchair who shot a woman in the foot yesterday afternoon. I have to wonder if it's the same man who was part of a group that mugged the owners of the Capital City Diner last month.

Speaking of H Street, the pie shop is still coming. Frozen Tropics (via DCist) informs us that Dangerously Delicious Pies will be offering "discounts" to anyone who gets a tattoo of their logo. If you recall the DDP will be offering expensive (around $6) slices of pie on paper plates, as well as full-sized pies ranging up to $30. No word on what the discount will be for people sporting this tattoo. I'd say free pie for life is a good deal, if you're stupid enough to get a tattoo simply for a discount on pie.

Blogosphere asking about Metro suicides. Everyone is on this story, it seems, including Prince of Petworth. Readers ask PoP if there's been an increase in suicides and if Metro should be doing more to prevent them, that sort of thing. I love the comment firestorm, including those that aim hate-rays at John Catoe. This comes in the wake of the suicide on the Red Line this weekend. Many are upset because killing yourself using the Metro is an inconvenience to riders. This is true, it is, but it's kind of a dick move to criticize the deceased. Someone who is going to kill themselves using the Metro isn't going to reconsider because you wrote about it being annoying on a blog. For a more productive read, check out an interesting PowerPoint about suicide prevention on the Toronto Subway. Thanks to Michael Perkins for the link.

DC Area Rock Cellist needs help to release album. This is totally a reason why I love DC item. Internet friend and super-talented DC area musician Gordon Withers has recorded an album (with the help of famed DC producer J. Robbins), and has launched a pre-sale fundraising drive to get it mastered, produced, and released. Check out his page over at Kickstarter, which is an excellent site for all sorts of creative projects. The idea behind Kickstarter is that supporters make a pledge, and if the project's goal is met, the creator receives the money and can make the project happen. As a supporter you receive benefits, in this case, copies of the album and at higher levels of donation, your own personal cello arrangement. Withers has previously recorded a Cello tribute to DC area band Jawbox.


  1. "Perhaps we'll see a call for stricter sword control." Oh please. You've always been allowed to have guns in your home in DC and I have never heard of anyone the anti-gun side of debate saying you shouldn't be able to defend yourself in your own home. This was IN A HOME.

    But as far as sword control goes, you may remember that the machete was a weapon of choice among street thugs not long ago in DC...

  2. Jamie, if I recall, that was MS-13 in Fairfax County (Merrifield).