All ghost bikes removed from Connecticut and R

Sometime today all of the ghost bikes were removed from Connecticut and R. It is unclear who removed them.

This morning, they were all in place, though the DDOT laminated tags had been removed. This evening, all of the bikes, including the one that had been locked to the light post at the original ghost bike site, were gone.

There was one remaining ghost bike, further up Connecticut Avenue, outside of the Academy for Educational Development building, between Florida Avenue and T Street.

UPDATE: TheWashCycle reports that DPW removed the bicycles on Friday. They also note that the part of DC code cited on the DDOT tags appeared to be relevant only to locked bicycles.

Again, this all likely would have been avoided had there been better communication between the Mayor's Office (supposedly) and DPW.


  1. wish me luck...i have to venture in to the office of tax and revenue tomorrow. long story short: paid my taxes in april, got a letter in may saying i hadn't paid, sent in my tax return and my bank statements the next day, and now i get a letter back in september saying i still haven't paid and dc is going to file a lein against me and publish my information on some website if i don't pay soon.

    so i am going to go in there tomorrow and do what i have to do. if they crappy customer service reigns free on me and they refuse to give me a waiver, there will be hell to pay.

  2. risotto, if you send me an email I have some contact info for people at OTR who may be able to help you.

  3. What say you, Curtis? Gonna re-read this over a second cup of coffee? (Yawn...)

  4. A weird-looking man w/ no imagination, you are.

  5. i think it is a pretty straightforward issue but if i have problems tomorrow i will definitely let you know.

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  7. "They also note that the part of DC code cited on the DDOT tags appeared to be relevant only to locked bicycles."

    That is the most absurd response to this I've ever heard.

    DPW should simply respond, if the bikes aren't locked, then you are correct, the does not apply at all, and they are simply litter and can be removed and disposed of immediately.