Briefly noted, Welcome Back Edition

I trust everyone had a good weekend, considering no one stuck around to read blogs. I was out of town for the weekend, visiting Philadelphia. So, it's a busy morning here at WIHDC headquarters, and it seems that the weekend was marked by more Metro controversy and violence.

The Washington Post starts asking questions about the 2005 "near-miss" on the Blue/Orange line. On June 30, I began asking about an incident on the Blue/Orange line between Foggy Bottom and Rosslyn. In 2005, the ATC system failed and three fully-loaded rush hour trains nearly collided under the Potomac river. The Washington Post sheds a little more detail on that incident, where likely hundreds would have died and thousands injured if not for the action of alert operators. What no one is asking is why the 2005 incident didn't make clear the need for better monitoring and additional backups. While Metro may be confident that the 2005 near-miss was caused by a short in a cable... the fact that the system came so close to a horrific accident didn't seem to trigger alarm bells. Also, the Examiner reports that Series 1000 cars still appear at the head of trains. Metro has provided no information about any data that shows putting them in the "bellies" of trains is any safer, but it was a decent P.R. move. The NTSB's response is that Metro needs to get rid of these cars.

Violent weekend for the District. Last night alone, my phone went off four times with DC Alert messages. Robbery in 1300 Block of 5 St. NW, robbery at 1300 R St NW, Robbery at 1000 Block of 15 St NW, Robbery at 2800 15th St. NW. Not to mention a triple shooting near K and North Capitol and a drive-by in Southeast. I have to wonder what the criteria is for DC HSEMA to send out text message alerts. Sometimes I'll go a few days without any alerts... doesn't seem to be consistant at all.

BE PREPARED. God help you if you live in a studio apartment. Since the death panels will soon be infecting us with a hybrid of Super AIDS and Swine Flu, you need to stock up. The City Paper reminds us that September is "begin developing a hording disorder" Month, and MPD has some good tips (PDF) to be ready for the Apocalypse.

Michelle Rhee and Cathy Lanier make more than Fenty. I'm surprised I didn't already know any of that. The Washington Post took a look at salaries around the reigion. Also noted, the Police Chief of Montgomery County makes more than MPD Chief Cathy Lanier. I'm a little surprised that the President of "Alley Cat Allies" in Bethesda earns six-figures. I'm all in favor of animals and whatnot, but wow.

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