Remember that time the Real World filmed in DC?

I thought I'd take a minute to revisit the topic of The Real World: DC, since a few months have passed and we've been able to see how it has played out. This was a huge Internet hubbub back in June, and Anne's post on the topic is the site's most popular post ever.

The LGBT publication MetroWeekly has a piece this week about the Real World in DC. The article also spends a bit of time discussing the whole Anti-Real World DC weblog.

Now I suppose this would have been a good story back in June, but the Anti-Real World site hasn't even been updated in nearly a month. Not only that, but the posts that were made back in August were a stretch at best. "Oh Noes! MPD is directing traffic! I bet they are working for free!! AHH TAX DOLLARS" or "OMG a parking space is taken up by a moving POD that isn't even related to the show," or my favorite posts that were about bars that the Real World cast wasn't going to. WOW, stop the Blog-Preses.

Really, though, I have to say I'm not surprised. Back in July I wrote a scathing review of the Anti-Real World DC. The site has nearly a dozen contributors, yet cannot find any good material for ways in which the Real World DC has been such a horrible experience for the city.

I haven't followed the Real World DC saga at all beyond occasionally reading the Anti-Real World DC blog. In the first month they received a bunch of press and notority and I'm sure got a good deal of pageviews. Alas, though, like most blogs the steam went out and even Berg, who lives across the street from the Real World house, can't find anything to write about.

As Berg said in a comment on this site:
Is this supposed to get us to wake up tomorrow and decide to stop writing? What would bloggers do if they didn't have something to hate on? Umm...exactly!
It wasn't the next day, but just a month or so later.

Who would have guessed that the Real World filming in DC wasn't the end of the world. S Street wasn't destroyed, and all of our favorite restaurants aren't packed with gawkers and closed so the camera crews can film. The pro-Real World web sites outlived the anti-Real World web sites, and local newspapers get the story two months too late. The Real World: DC will air on MTV and everyone in DC will tune in. Including Berg and his now-defunct posse.

Typical DC. I wonder what cause the self-important blowhards at Anti-Real World DC will move onto next. I've got a list of things that could use supporters. Too bad it won't be anything that's actually important. Maybe they'll protest the lack of decent cereal selection at the Secret Safeway, as compared to the one in Adams Morgan or at CityVista.


  1. my only question is, since metro weekly is a geh magazine, is it short for metro-sexual weekly? :)

  2. Damn, it feels good to be right. These are the same self-righteous blowhards that responded to my critical comments on their blog by saying I *must* be someone in MTV PR because I disagreed with them. Asshats.