News Bullets, biggest losers Wednesday;

So yes, Creigh Deeds "totes had his ass handed to him" in yesterday's election. It's a shame, but calling it a referendum on Obama is a bit much. Virginia generally prefers a governor of the opposite party of the White House, and also Tim Kaine has been stinking up the state for a while and people were looking for something different. Had Mark Warner been all about Creigh Deeds I bet we'd have had a totally different election. The whole one-term dynamic is interesting.

Power outage "cripples" Metro. Top story on most blogs this morning, Metro suffered a power outage at their headquarters that totally flummoxed the system. All sorts of things, such as communications to buses, Smartrip processing, the WMATA.com site, and station PA systems have been impacted. It's completely ridiculous that an overnight power outage could cause this many problems. Redundancy, Metro. Please. I don't even want to know what effect this had on safety systems. (Of course Metro will deny safety problems, but I wonder if they were still able to monitor for track circuit failures).

MPD fails to learn "zero inbox theory," or the meaning of grossly negligent privacy violations. The Metropolitan Police Department has been keeping boxes of child sex abuse records unlocked in a dirty, dirty hallway. The hallway of horrors and HIPAA violations is located in the records division at 1700 Rhode Island Ave NE. According to the Examiner, that location is a sideshow of complete negligence:
The inspectors also reported the Youth Investigations Division employees are forced to work in potentially dangerous conditions. Inside the building were materials that may contain asbestos, broken floor tiles, degraded pipe insulation, and evidence of rat infestation, including rat droppings.
Can we get some Fenty-friendly rehab contracts going for MPD records storage? Be careful or the Law and Order: SVU scriptwriters might go dumpster diving.

Dan Snyder pities Redskins fans. Aww, he feels for us. Team owner Dan Snyder finally gave some comments about the Redskins, and well, they are mostly pointless. The only thing worse than being a Redskins fan is being thrown a pity party by Dan Snyder.

WaPo exclusive: College students are jackasses. "I'm in a frat, bro." I can't believe people are paying $40K+ to attend this school. Here's a peek at how some GWU students feel about the swine flu vaccine.
"I don't need it," said Sal Marchesano, 21, a senior, as macho laughter ripples across the recreation room, which is adorned with a replica of a human skull and a mostly full bottle of hand sanitizer. "They would have to come here to give me the shot. No. They would have to come to my room. When I'm free."
Man, part of me hopes that H1N1 mutates to some sort of horrible, horrible thing that only affects people who are wearing clothing with greek letters emblazoned on them.

More trouble over at Prince of Petworth. The Crown Prince of Cluelessness is begging his commentariat to play nice after some awful instances of racism. Some of these commenters give WTOP a run for their racist money on craziness. PoP, I want to help you here. People will never play nice. You will need to vet your comments, and if you allow anonymous comments you will see horrible things and you will need to moderate them. Sadly this is just the case, always. You've been around long enough to realize this. Welcome to the Internet, PoP. You may want to check out web sites such as Google.com to start your journey.

Biggest Loser filmed in DC? At the White House? Supposedly last night a DC-themed episode of the Biggest Loser aired. I don't remember hearing anything about this, but supposedly the contestants cooked a meal at the White House kitchen? Anyone catch this?

Television still loves DC, even if people are 'turning away' from Obama. The LA Times has a round-up all of the TV shows that have been filming in DC lately. Again, nothing will ever come close to the West Wing as far as DC-based shows. The city is too trendy right now so most everything that is filmed here is nonsense throwaway material.


  1. Did you see PoP is hosting a 3rd anniversary party at Wonderland tomorrow? I used to think it would have been cool to get the misanthropic commentariat from this blog together over beers for some shouting and potential fisticuffs, but... there's nobody here anymore.

    Please retire from this blog. You've got your other blog going. Whatever fame you could have leached from the WIHDC name surely you've claimed by now. Having two blogs with the same purpose and writer can't be anything more than redundant.

  2. Sadly the commenting has decreased because I've had to turn off anonymous commenting. You can thank a few specific people for that.

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  4. Biggest loser was filmed in the middle of July - maybe the 16th? I happened to be walking on the block past the White House and saw them all walk past, probably on the way to the challenge with the step block.

  5. We hate DC because of this stupid blog. get a life.