News Bullets, bobblehead Friday;

So it's Friday the 13th again, a 'holiday' that costs millions of dollars in lost productivity every year. Yup, there are people who are so afraid to leave their houses they call in sick. Seems like every Friday the 13th people ask "why is it unlucky?" No one really had a definitive answer.

Is Mayor Fenty too obsessed with his bicycle and fitness? City Paper's Mike DeBonis wonders if all of hizzoner's exercising is messing with his head. There's no definitive conclusion, but it's rather obvious at this point his exercise regimen is certainly harming him politically, if not physically and mentally. Take a break, Fenty, or it might just cost you more than an election!

Metro faces criminal charges for polluting sewer system. In an unprecedented move, federal authorities have filed criminal charges against Metro for violating the Clean Water Act. In 2003, the transit agency used hydrofluoric acid to clean railcars. They were supposed to pre-treat the runoff before dumping it, but the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission detected high acidity and charged Metro with a violation. Metro continued to dump the acid for six days near Greenbelt. It appears Metro will accept a plea deal. Wow. It is surprising to see these criminal charges, but way to go federal government.

Van broken into near Mall, urn with veteran's ashes stolen. Army Col. Norbert Otto Schmidt was to be buried with full military honors today, except on Thursday someone stole his ashes. A 12-passenger van was parked near the National Museum of the American Indian when it was broken into around 3 pm. A computer, some jewelry, Schmidt's death certificate and military papers were also stolen. I have to say, if the person responsible for this is ever caught, lock them up and throw away the key. Take the electronics and jewelry, whatever. There's absolutely no reason to take the urn or the military papers. I'm sure the jackass who did this just tossed the urn and the papers in the trash.

Catholic Church proves they are a bunch of jerks. Did we already know this? I think so. The Church threatens to suspend social services in DC if the city passes legalization of same-sex marriage. Here's an idea, how about you read the Bible every now and again. There's this part, called the New Testament (which your church was founded on, believe it or not). The wacky dude with crazy ideas would help everyone, gay, straight, and even those who were put out in Denver because they wouldn't render services.

Councilmember Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) campaign purchases $2000 worth of bobblehead dolls. Yup.

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