News Bullets, true blue Friday;

Welcome to another Friday everyone. I'm hopping on the Amtrak and going out of town for the weekend, so this is going to be quick. No worries though, I'll be taking ye olde laptop and writing the first of the Decision 2010 pieces. I need a much better name than Decision 2010. That will be fine for serious topics, but how about Election "where we assume Fenty will win but will possibly pay attention to at maximum two other candidates" 2010. I'm hoping to finish up a pretty rockin' piece on Scientology (you know, about how it's totally awesome). In the meantime bask in the glow of the vehicle that will deliver us all from the evil spirits of the universe. It looks just like an Airbus A380, but without the engines.

So what's in the news?

There was the horrific shooting at Fort Hood. I'm not even going to discuss this because I still don't think anyone has any idea on what happened. First the shooter was dead, but now he's alive. First there were three shooters, now it was a lone gunman. A lone gunman, armed only with handguns, kills 13 and injures 30? That's 43 people shot. I imagine amid the confusion there could very well have been some friendly-fire incidents. I give it at least a week before we know anything for sure. We do know the alleged dead or alive shooter was from the area, born in Arlington and attended Virginia Tech.

Another person considering possibly maybe running against Jim Graham.
Previously we learned that Adams Morgan ANC commish Bryan Weaver had formed an exploratory committee. Now the Examiner alerts us that DC VOICE executive director Jeff Smith will probably be "thinking" about it over the holidays. It's a Friday, so I understand it being a bit slow for news. Here's a scoop for the first person to read this, maybe I'll consider mulling over the idea of possibly running for Council as well! In all seriousness, I hope that we can have at least one serious challenger in Ward 1. I won't be voting for Graham, I can tell you that much.

David Baldacci hearts Chief Lanier. WTOP has a story about how a fictional character, DC Police Chief "Beth Perry" is based on Cathy Lanier. We also learn that Lanier owns not one, but five blind dogs. The book True Blue was released last month, but it was not until now that someone from WTOP began flipping through it at a nearby Borders.

Council subpoenas Hartsock. Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. has issued a subpoena to interim Parks and Rec Director Ximena Hartsock. Hartsock is demanded to appear before the Council to discuss the controversial parks contracts.

That's it folks. Have a good Friday.

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