it's cool to get shot down by realtors... in lower case

in honor of city living, dc style, this entire post will be in lower case! and feature random exclamation points.

i'll bet you can't wait for the city living dc style! expo coming up in just a couple weeks. i can't help but notice that the friday, october 24 event is called "city living, dc style! celebration"! everyone will be all, "hey, i can't afford any of these places! hoo-fucking-ray!"

i don't know if i'll be able to make this one! it looks like a cash grab by d.c. anyway. check out the exhibitors page:

you need to be there to:

  • arouse interest in your product [ewww!]
  • establish contact with the market
  • generate awareness of your product or service
  • build preference and further your organization’s brand
  • make specific offers and generate leads
  • close the sale
  • keep them customers for life
  • discover what your industry partners and competitors are offering
  • ALWAYS BE CLOSING! [just kidding]

    exhibit rates…

  • 20’x20’ booth: $3,000
  • 10’x10’ booth: $2,000
  • tabletop (6’x30”): $1,500
  • yeah, that's a lotta cash. supposedly d.c.'s intention is to get more young people to move into the city, but it's pretty clearly also a way for them to get some cash out of the realtors who are making a fortune off of the washington area's ridiculously sky-high property values!

    you kids have fun though.

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