No minorities or poor people allowed

As they tend to sully our good name. Fortunately we can prevent them from getting medical care at George W Bush University ... I mean George Washington University Hospital and Prince George's County.

In an incident Saturday night, one emergency medical technician (EMT) said he notified Dr. Shesser by radio that his ambulance was transporting a critically ill patient to the hospital. The doctor asked where the crew was coming from and was told it was Southeast. Dr. Shesser then said he had just closed the hospital's emergency room. The ambulance continued to the hospital.

The patient — an elderly woman in diabetic shock — died after waiting 30 minutes to be admitted to the hospital, according to city and EMS officials.
Take that, diabetic black lady! Shame on you for going into diabetic shock while simeultaneously being poor!

Meanwhile, in Arlington, the home office of why.i.hate.dc., trouble's a-brewin' in the always-exciting white-knuckle race for... county commissioner of the revenue.

Republican candidate Tim Russo has generated controversy -- and unusual interest in the race -- by contending that his Democratic opponent, Ingrid Morroy, is "attacking the English language" with her proposal to print government tax forms in Spanish. In debates and campaign literature, he has urged voters to thwart her "dangerous plan."
Yeah, see, the thing about Arlington? Lots of people here who speak only Spanish. There's a 20 percent Hispanic population. But good luck with that whole no-Spanish policy platform, buddy.

Fortunately, Jen Waters is still hangin' tough, telling me how I can pretty up my home with stencils.

Stenciling is a way to add a little spice to a home. Pre-made patterns of everything from fruit to animals to flowers can be bought.
There's nothing quite like the power of passive voice. And Jen HAS THE POWER!

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