Never forget that Virginia borders Kentucky

I try to be a sport when it comes to guns. The second amendment is no more outdated than any other aspect of the Bill of Rights and you have a right to defend yourself and blah, blah, blah.

But you have to be pretty stupid to shoot your gun off inside Virginia's General Assembly Building. That's what Delegate Jack Reid did. Obviously, Reid is Republican.

"If you asked me if I ever put a finger on a trigger when I wasn't at the shooting range, I'd say no," Reid said at a news conference after his apology. "Whether that's what happened, I can't tell you. I really don't know."

As the proud owner of a Rifle Shooting Merit Badge (TROOP 50, REPRESENT), I can tell you exactly what happened, Delegate Reid. You fucked up.

And why in God's name would a legislator need a gun inside a government building? Is Reid stubbornly libertarian? Is he psycho? Are "stubbornly libertarian" and "psycho" interchangeable? What's the effing deal here?

"Richmond is a dangerous place," said Del. Charles W. Carrico Sr. (R-Grayson), a former state trooper who spent a year as an undercover police officer in Richmond and carries his gun in the lawmakers' office building. "I carry to protect myself and my family."

Republicans can be so stupid. Protect yourself from what? The only guy shooting guns in your office building is this douchebag. If someone mugs a legislator inside a government building, I will give all of my loyal readers $50. I feel pretty confident making this offer since, as far as I (and Google) can tell, that's never happened before.

The only thing being mugged in that building are the rights of gay Virginians. *swish*

Of course, this story would be funnier than a bucket of monkeys if it weren't juxtaposed with a day care shooting and a 13-year-old dying playing Russian Roulette.

Yup, guns sure are awesome. Yeee-haw.

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