If you live in Washington or Maryland, you better vote today. Nothing steams my cabbage more than people who don't vote. Even if your votes are wrong ("wrong" being in disagreement with me), your participation is still what makes the government tick. Hurray democracy!

Since I'm a DC resident with such an inflated ego that I think you should vote for the same candidates as me, let me give you my personal endorsements:

Mayor: Marie Johns
I've written about this a lot. I've made peace with Fenty's inevitable victory.

By the way, I think Fenty was a great council member. I just don't see how that translates into becoming a great mayor.

Ward 3: Sam Brooks
Not just because of his dimples either. He's worked under two of the city's finest council members (Graham and Fenty) and has campaigned on a constituent service platform. Most everyone else is campaigning on fixing DC's schools which is a ridiculously tall order. Come on people, be pragmatic. Promising to single-handedly fix DC's schools is a promise that is broken every election cycle.

Mary Cheh is the favorite here. Everyone seems to like her so I can't be to upset, but her decision to continue teaching law at GW while representing me on the Council...that really rubs me the wrong way. It's not like council members are underpaid. They make about $100,000 a year. I'm sorry, but you can't have it both ways. The more I type about this the angrier I get. People, do not vote for Mary Cheh!

If it matters, my secondary choices are Goulet (no chance to win but he told the Washington Post that most Ward 3 candidates should be running for school board, which made me el oh el) and Strauss (because someone working for him left a comment on this blog).

Council Chair: Kathy Patterson
This is the toughest race for me. Patterson is from Ward 3 and has much more experience handling Council matters. I like Gray and all, but, come on, you've only been on the Council for two years. I do, however, predict a Gray victory.

Council At-Large: Phil Mendelson
Mendelson has benefited from an endorsement from Washington City Paper's Loose Lips that just tears into his opponent. I am actually afraid to vote for Bolden now. Apparently, he will single-handedly destroy this city. Not in the good way (like kicking out all the interns), but in the bad way (anti-gay rights, in the pocket of lobbyists, etc.).

House Delegate: Who Cares
I refuse to waste any effort on this since it's a meaningless figurehead position that only serves to get embarrassed on "The Colbert Report." I have no problem with Eleanor Holmes Norton serving as this meaningless figurehead.

Should you care about who I'm voting for? No. Vote your conscience and yada, yada, yada. If all my candidates win and this city goes even further down the shitter, please don't hesitate to call me part of the problem.

Oh, and if you're from Maryland, please vote for Lichtman. He was a professor of mine at AU and, despite his foibles, he is a good guy. More importantly, his candidacy would be effing hilarious.


  1. You know how I know Rusty is gay? He likes Sam Brooks's dimples.

  2. Well, I'm a DC resident and I'd love to be able to vote today. Unfortunately, as a registered Independent I can't due to the closed primary system. Effectively, I'm disenfranchised just because my views don't neatly fit into the Democratic, Republican, or DC Statehood Green Party platforms. Why not open primaries, or a "Decline To State" option?

  3. If Rusty had a car (which he doesn't) it'd be a Geo Metro painted all of the colors of the rainbow, including rusty.

  4. Rusty, you and I see eye-to-eye on this election.

    Except I don't really care about the Ward races ... my councilmember's seat isn't up for grabs this election year.

    It's only a shame that I'll be stuck with whomever's elected today. I'm not a Democrat, Republican, or DC Statehood Green Party member and so can't participate in today's primaries.

  5. Are you retarded? Sam Brooks has never even had a JOB.

  6. You know there are some foundations that donate cars to poor people....

  7. You really think it's worth the time and effort for Republicans in the district to waste their time voting? Honestly?

  8. Sam Brooks is H-O-T. (I am still registered in my home state so don't harp on me for voting for a guy based on looks). He is, in the words of Derek Zoolander, "ridiculously good looking."

    I have an invite to his vicotry party in celveland park if anyone is interested. I plan to grab his ass at least once.

  9. Nice snag on the invite. I doubt he'll win, but if he does I want in on the victory drinking.

  10. Sam Brooks Election Night Party
    Cleveland Park Bar and Grill- 8PM

    After the polls close, please join Sam on the rooftop terrace at Cleveland Park Bar and Grill to watch the results come in! The party will start at 8PM. Sam appreciates the help all of you have given his campaign so far and would be honored to have you join him on this last night! The address of Cleveland Park Bar and Grill is 3421 Connecticut Ave NW.

  11. That's it.

    I challenge Sam Brooks to a walk-off.

  12. I registered as a Democrat for two months. Worth the vote. After this is over, I'm going back to being an Independent. I'm not aligning myself with anyone.

    Bolden sucks.

  13. Rusty, can you find out the identity of the imposter Krystal so I can pummel him?

  14. Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to do that.

  15. You're not going to pummel anyone, you queer. Now GIT!

  16. That's because I'm gay.

  17. I'm a homosexual and I wear tight biker shorts as I cycle through the mean streets of D.C.

    I blow cab drivers for the hell of it.

  18. I disagree with the first paragraph of your post. Voting when you have no understanding of the positions the candidates represent simply due to the pressure from people like you, or fear that P Diddy might kill you, hurts our nation.

  19. There's nothing wrong with not voting. Most voters are terribly misinformed anyway and don't even know who/what they're voting for. Get off your high horse.

    And don't you dare throw that "if you don't vote, don't complain" crap in my face. I don't complain because I'm not naive enough to believe that any politician, especially on the local level, will make my day-to-day life any different.

  20. That is the most naive thing I've ever read. Politicians don't make a difference? I assume you don't have family in Iraq.

    Local politicians don't make a day-to-day difference? Please. 40s are illegal in Ward 4 because of Adrien Fenty. The Council voted to build a baseball stadium, change curfew laws, and put up security cameras throughout the District. Those things have an effect on my life.

    Of course these people change your day-to-day life. And not voting means that you're not taking aa very simple initiative to make your life better. The cost of 5 minutes of your time has a potentially high reward. People who don't take the time to review the candidates and vote are assholes. It's an asshole thing to do to take democracy for granted.

  21. They outlawed 40s? Serious? That ain't right!

  22. Only in Ward 4 though. So help me God if Fenty bans 40s in the rest of the District I will go on hunger strike outside of the Wilson Building.

  23. That's economic discrimination! You don't see them banning Petrone anywhere.

    I remember the last time I bought a 40 this nice counter lady gave me a small paper bag and even wrapped it tightly around the bottle for me.... What a sweetheart!

  24. Rusty, you really are a Pollyana. It's endearing. I know the banning of 40s has changed my life -- for worse, that is.

    I have yet to see this high reward of which you are speaking. The quality of life depends on the invididual actions of citizens in their everyday interactions with others. Politicians do not change human nature and that trumps any tax law, stadium, war (if war is not indicative of human nature, then what it is), etc.

    You're cute when you're being an idealist.

  25. Of course banning 40s has made our lives worse. That's why you try to elect pro-40 candidates.

    The reward can be the War on Poverty, extra cash in your pockets from tax cuts, stuff like that. Locally it can be as small as a road divide that makes your children safer. But to argue that politics don't effect our lives is just silly.

    And I am no idealist. I was ultra-miserable on Capitol Hill. Congressmen are treated like royalty. Solution: vote them out.

  26. I'm voting for George Allen (R; VA) so long as he voted yes on 40!

    I can forgive him everything else.

  27. You know how I know Rusty is gay? He fucked me in the ass last night.

  28. that i believe