My Vote Reconsidered

I was prepared to vote for Marie Johns on September 12. She was the only candidate among the Big 4 that passed my smell test. Cropp went excessively negative and I have some blood lust for the Council Chair who presided over the stadium debacle. I want her head on an electoral stake. Orange is against gay rights and that automatically disqualifies him from receiving my vote. Fenty seems like a great Councilmember but I'm not convinced he'll be a great mayor. How often do "constituent services" come up in an executive position? And the whispers about his intelligence worry me. So does his inability to get the endorsement of even one fellow Council member. I don't get the feeling that Fenty plays nice with others.

I know I'm not really voting for Johns as much as I'm voting against everyone else. I'm not happy with it either. But DC is throwing is throwing these politically homogeneous candidates at me, the common voter, and it's really no fun doing anything above and beyond rudimentary research on the issues and candidates. I'm a terrible voter. Sorry.

So, hurray for Johns. The Washington Post's decision to endorse Fenty didn't faze me in the least. I know Fenty is going to win. Whatever. The Post endorsed Mary Cheh for Christ's sake, so I get the feeling that the Post editorial board consists of a bunch of front-runners. What got to me was The Washington Times's decision to endorse Johns.

I honestly don't think I can bring myself to vote for someone that's supported by Sun Myung Moon or his evil Republican minions. If the Moonie Times endorsed Kerry in 2004, I probably would have voted for Nader. I mean, this is the paper that employed Jen Waters. Everything they do and say is wrong.

Thankfully, their reasoning is pretty shoddy. Johns got the endorsement in part because her "faith is a light that guides her." Fenty and Cropp are godless! Perhaps they would have had a better shot at the endorsement if they accepted a certain white-collar criminal as their Messiah.


  1. Fenty and Cropp are godless? Damn, my opinion of Cropp just went way up.

  2. I'd vote Cropp over Fenty. I've heard the intelligence whispers as well and have heard him speak...pretty face, but not much behind it I'd say. Cropp worries me because she's so DC. Too much so in my opinion. I will be voting for Marie Johns as well. I thought maybe my vote for Cropp would keep Fenty from winning, but now I think I'll vote my conscious which says Marie Johns is the way to go.

  3. dear rusty,

    i love you.


  4. Yeah, who cares about what Rusty thinks. I wanna know where Russell Simmons is coming down on this issue.

  5. He would say "Vote Steele."

    And thanks, Nicky!

  6. Good grief. Who cares what this Johnny-Come-Lately from Cape Cod thinks about DC? Guest bloggers kept me around longer than I should have stayed. Rusty is no James F.

    Today, the rss feed gets deleted.

    I give up.

  7. You know how I know Rusty is gay? He's going to vote for someone named "Marie".

  8. Okay, who's Jesus backing in this election?

    Who's got the holly-roller vote?

    Cal, you would have more than enough material for whyithinkrustyisgay.blogspot.com.

  9. Isn't orange one of the colors in the gay rainbow flag?

  10. My father loves all of the colors of His rainbow, my child.

  11. Hey igiveup,

    This is America and it's our country. Don't be so provincial. People are highly mobile in this country. I would hope that I didn't end up on the same block as where I started in life. That'd be pretty dumb.

  12. Does anyone remember that coronation ceremony that Republicans (the party of jesus?) held at the capitol for reverend moon?


    One of Moon’s claims that evening was that “Hitler and Stalin have found strength in my teachings, mended their ways and been reborn as new persons.”

    In a few years I expect to see Moon sitting outide the friendship heights metro stop next to fionna apple and nickelback.

  13. If he asked me for "spange," I'd slap him.

  14. I wanted to punch Linda Cropp in the mouth yesterday morning when she was trying to shake my hand as I'm coming in the Metro out of the pouring rain trying to shake off my umbrella and head down the stairs.

    She and her workers are way too aggressive. Leave me alone on my commute, for crying out loud.

  15. Just as you shouldn't vote for Johns because the Times endorsed her, you shouldn't vote for Fenty because the Post endorsed him. Consider the Post's past endorsements:

    1978 and 1982 endorsements: Marion Barry—arrested and indicted while in office.

    1990 endorsement: Sharon Pratt–Kelly—almost recalled after a series of scandals in office.

    Now, they want us to take their endorsement of Fenty as having weight.

    On September 12th, I will vote for substance over style, and record over show. I will vote against the Post and Fenty, and for a candidate with a proven track record, Linda Cropp.

  16. Did you read Fisher's hit piece on Cropp this morning? That was just nasty.

  17. Well Berry had a proven track record too. Or were those tracks up his arms? I can't remember.