Virginia is for Morons

Ok, Senator George Allen (R-VA) is a racist and quite possibly ashamed of his Jewish roots. His challenger, James Webb, wrote some ridiculous things about women in his Navy days and has admitted by non-denial that he used to drop the word "nigger" while living in Virginia. He also called the Naval Academy a "horny woman's dream." Nice.

I consider myself a bit of a political junkie. For some unknown reason, I decided to major in this bullshit for college. And if I'm sick and tired of this crap, I can only imagine how John Q. Voter feels. Seriously, no one cares. Anyone who didn't know that George Allen was a racist hasn't been paying attention. A noose by a Confederate flag in his Richmond office? Yikes. (Incidentally, if anyone believes that the Confederate flag is a symbol of Southern heritage and not racism, I would love to pick a fight with you.)

And one has to love a commonwealth where the Democrat was, at one point, just as bad. Honestly, how can Webb say that he never used the word "nigger" as an epithet? How else can one use that word? As a descriptive adjective? I have a feeling that if black people heard Jim Webb dropping n-bombs in the 1960s that they would not be ok with it.

This madness has to stop. Allen, Webb, and their respective dirt-diggers are demeaning the entire political process. Considering the state of electoral politics in this country, that's really saying something.


  1. Maybe Webb was just rappin' along with NWA. Yeah, that's it!

    Seriously, anyone who believes Allen when he says he's never ever ever used the N word... I got a bridge to sell 'em.

  2. As a Reagan Democrat, I don't agree with anything that dude stands for, but he's one of the few high-ranking senators that supported held the line against "comprehensive immigration reform" and a "path to citizenship."

    THAT is why I'm voting for my first republican ever!

  3. Democrats have abandoned working and middle class Americans and all they care about is that war overseas and they won't stop talking about it.

    Republicans only care about Corporate America. Allen is one of the few senators who stood up to the party elite (on either side) to represent his constituents regarding our desire to enforce existing border law.

  4. Lou Dobbs for president!

  5. and one has to love a commonwealth [state] where the demcorat is almost as bad.

    Rusty, what makes you think lower class white folks were ever hog-wild over Civil Rights?

    Let's review the facts, forgetting about West Virginia's Sen. Byrd.

    Civil Rights legislation votes broke 80-20 among republicans. Democrats favored it by a lower 60-40 margin.

    People are way too complex to split into just two groups. I love how you people think!

  6. You're right, it should say "challenger" instead of "Democrat."

    But your stats are pretty faulty considering the Dems who were against civil rights just ended up becoming Republicans. It is no stretch to say that a racist is more likely to vote GOP than Dem.

  7. My stats are faulty? Remember the Reagan revolution when tons of democrats turned to the republican party?

    This is not irrelevent because the democratic party still has plenty of these votes to bleed.

  8. But I do support Civil Rights for all in this country... I just hate being accused of racism for opposing illegal immigration that is costing the average American $11,000 per year in wealth.

    Just as there is one global oil market, U.S. jobs don't exist independently of one another, so don't say they're doing jobs I wouldn't do, Sen. McCain!

    Old labor dems have abandoned the working and middle classes, it seems, now that they support illegal immigration.

  9. George Allen may be reprehensible for many reasons, not least of all his support for a flag burning amendment.

    Who is he to abrogate my Constitutional right to free speech?

    But many independent voters are so desperate they'll vote for the devil if they have to. What can I say, a parliamentary system would be better. As we engage in nation-building in the Middle East, we don't foist our system of republicanism on our worst enemies!

  10. oh, no one wants to fight w/ me? I'm disappointed. Alright, whatever....

  11. "Virginia is for morons"

    Love it! Ha, ha!

    Pro-border "democrat" - all they care about is the war? Tell that to a soldier who has been through hell over there, use that "Iraq is just a comma attitude," and see if that soldier who is fighting for your right to speak about keeping immigrants out of a land of immigrants doesn't beat you to a pulp. There is a WAR going on in the name of this country. Attitudes like this are why I'm involving myself in the pro-draft movement. People like you "commas" need to be forced into battle so you can see that WAR is not a trivial matter. It SHOULD be the number one priority in this country. Democrats are right to make it so.

    Vote Webb.

  12. anonymous,

    Forget even trying to reason with Rusty. You can throw as much proof at him as you can find, and instead of admitting that he may actually be wrong, he'll just delete your postings, like he does mine.

    He's a fucking idiot.

  13. You "pro-border Democrats" are fucking appalling. And probably the product of a single troll.

    In any event, Jim Webb sold me in the primary when he described himself as "pro-gun, pro-gay, pro-choice".

    As someone somewhere else said - "George Allen is George Bush, but without the gravitas and intellectual curiousity."

  14. Hilarious to me how this guy is not only a deep seated racist, but how much of a liar he is as well. He uses a term like FUCKING "macaca"(What the fuck?) on an Indian and then claims he didn't know what it means, although it is a derogatory term for Indians used in an area of the world where his Mommy is from. Then he wears the fucking stars and bars pin on his jacket in his yearbook photo in FUCKING CALIFORNIA and claims he was just doing it to be a rebel? Fuck you George Allen.

    Then he stuffs a fucking horse head in a fucking mailbox? This guy is nuts.

  15. You "pro-border Democrats" are fucking appalling. And probably the product of a single troll.

    In any event, Jim Webb sold me in the primary when he described himself as "pro-gun, pro-gay, pro-choice".

    Castigating people of my political persuasion as the products of trolls only shows your lack of wit, friend.

    I'm appalling? Why? Someone less charitable might say that you're appalling w/ your pro-gay attitudes. It's a difference of opinion. What would be appalling is if everyone saw the world from your point of view.

  16. Tell that to a soldier who has been through hell over there, use that "Iraq is just a comma attitude," and see if that soldier who is fighting for your right to speak about keeping immigrants out of a land of immigrants doesn't beat you to a pulp.

    You have your issue and I have mine. Don't tell ME what I should focus on. My wallet is important to me; and isn't that the real reason we're in Iraq anyway.

    What, I'm hurting your feelings by disagreeing with you? Sorry, but we pro-border democrats are numerous and we're not racist.

    Btw, the slogan "a land of immigrants" is really a canard because most lands are of immigrants but that doesn't mean the citizens of a democratic government--the stakeholders--should not have the right to protect our labor market.

    Sorry, but we do. And we will.

  17. Daedelus,

    I don't think the war is insignificant. It would be best to be stopped, but the democrats should focus on MORE than that if they want my vote.


    Incidentally, how old are you and what is your sex? Are you conscription-worthy?

  18. Daedalus,

    You aren't making much sense. How is it that you believe the war is wrong but then assert that these troops are fighting for my First Ammendment rights?!

    Come again?

  19. Lou Dobbs for president!

    --Married Troll

  20. pro-border democrats are appalling?

    Why, because you're a racist promoting the expansion of your own ethnic group in this country at the expense of stakeholders already here?

    Don't tell me I can't fight it.

  21. Anon #1 - no, that's not a difference of opinion, but a clear illustration of your moral failings. But keep turning your kids into little bigots - the GOP needs more support!

    Anon #2 - bitch, I'm a citizen. A white one, since that seems to matter to you (born in a border state, no less). But fuck if I'm going to allow the perversion of the values that made this country great because of your fearful little self.

  22. "Sorry, but we do. And we will. "


    I can hear the cries ringing out from East L.A. to the South Bronx.

    Shut up.

  23. Does anyone else find it ironic that a post on racism in Virginia attracted the "Mexicans Go Home" crowd?

  24. Yeah, cause even in Ole Virginny the democrats carry shotties, wear cowboy boots (WTF?) and hate mexicans! Yeah haaaa!

  25. Ted Kennedy's Liver:

    Sounds like YOU are the racist, bragging about how LA is being taken over by browns (your moniker says it all).

    YOU shut up.


    Congratulations on being a stupid white limousine liberal who doesn't care that the labor invasion hurts poor Latinos and blacks and whites the most.

    And, no it is not a "moral failing" to disagree with you. You are the voice of reason and all that is good? Fuck you.

    So, I'm "fearful" because I oppose a labor-market merger w/ a Third World nation? How is it "fearful" to stand up for myself. I'm entitled to my own opinion and fuck you, bitch, for saying I'm not.

    Anyone who disagrees with you is immoral. You gay-friendly wimp.

  26. uh-oh, somebody challenged contemporary liberal orthodoxy. Feelings are hurt. Vaginas are discharging!

  27. Liver

    I live in Virginia and I:

    1. Don't hate Mexicans, but do oppose the labor market merger of the two countries.

    2. Eschew cowboy boots and dress like the New Yorker I am.

    3. Am unsure what a "shotty" is...

  28. Your bonafides as a white border state man are kind of knocked to hell by your gay-friendly politics. I'm not impressed with your point regarding your demography.

  29. I can hear the cries ringing out from East L.A. to the South Bronx.

    Fun Fact: half of all African-American men in New York City are unemployed. I'm sure they're absolutely THRILLED about illegal immigration!

  30. Ted Kennedy and Anonymous,

    I was considering skipping the election but I want you to know that I am now going to vote to re-elect Sen. George Allen.

    And all because of YOU! You intolerant bitches. You WILL tolerate people who are ethnically different you (as do I) but you WON'T tolerate someone who is politically different from you.

    To you, someone who disagrees on ONE issue is morally flawed. Wow.

    Furthermore, I'm sure there are more u.s. troops who'd love to beat YOU to a pulp for your opinion on the war (though I agree w/ you there).

    You still didn't address a couple of my points on merit, just made snide comments.

    You can't debate on the points. That's as intellectually honest as Bush calling Iran evil and Iran calling Bush evil.

    It's that smucking fart.

  31. Conservative with a brain? You know, I don't see eye to eye w/ you but a little help here, buddy?

  32. "Oooooohhhhhhhh

    I can hear the cries ringing out from East L.A. to the South Bronx.

    Shut up."

    I'm sure all of them vote too, right?

  33. You know, it's funny to me that you think I'm narrow minded (failed morality) because I oppose the merger of labor markets with Mexico.

    I read The Village Voice, the New York Times, the New Yorker and am going to get Noam Chomsky's new book upon Hugo Chavez's recommendation. Aside from reading "liberal" writers, I enjoy Pat Buchanan's column thrice-weekly and watch Lou Dobbs Tonight just about every evening.

    But you are the kind of morons who want to funnel Americans into either one of two camps:

    1. Real liberals
    2. Real conservatives

    Life's just like a box of chocolates, eh? It's that simple.

  34. If I was as simple-minded as you two, I would be an evironmentalist as a "liberal."

    Then, I'd wonder how 450 million people in the United States by 2050 would adversely affect the quality of our air, water and open spaces.

    Then, I'd experience some uncomfortable cognitive dissonance.

    Then, I'd try to forget all about it and go back to following the lead of others. It's much easier that b/c then I don't have to think so hard my head hurts.

  35. Funny, I was talking about labor markets but you perried by calling me a racist.

    I don't follow.

  36. Btw, Rusty. I sat in a box seat at RFK stadium last week and now I understand why Corporate American thought they needed a new baseball stadium, though it's a shame taxpayers have to foot so much of the bill.

    It wasn't very luxurious.

  37. One more point:

    I care about labor and you don't. So precisely HOW are you more liberal-than-thou?

    Keep in mind I voted twice for the only socialist in Congress. pis off

  38. You're perfectly entitled to your (uneducated, fearful, idiotic) opinion. What I'm intolerant of is stupidity. Which yes, makes me quite intolerant of you and your kind.

  39. You're perfectly entitled to your (uneducated, fearful, idiotic) opinion. What I'm intolerant of is stupidity. Which yes, makes me quite intolerant of you and your kind.

    Stupidity? I don't understand how I'm the stupid one. You won't deign to answer any of my points on the merits, but only call me stupid.

    I care about labor; you do not. So I am stupid, eh?

    Uneducated? Again, I fail to see the logic of your point. In fact, I am working on a doctorate and already have a Masters degree and spent winter days as a child reading the classics. I read many journals and newspapers regularly and have worked as a professional journalist.

    People describe me as an avid reader and I read folks on the left AND right. I am a regular at a couple of bookstores and read the New York Times Sunday Review of Books every week.

    Sounds like YOU are the ignorant one. You can't address my points on the merits and you call me stupid and uneducated but in fact that is what you are.

    Then you freely admit that you are "intolerant of my kind," which is to say that you are provincial and narrow-minded and cannot stomach political differences.

    YOU stand in the way of what makes this country great. You would shut down the great "marketplace of ideas" because some of those ideas offend you and you have not the intellectual heft to compete.

    I feel sorry for you, chump. You're out of your league, lost in a sea of "memes" you cannot possibly navigate.

  40. Liberal with a brain,

    Dude, it ain't worth it. If Rusty could put forth a decent argument, instead of ignoring facts, I may stick around. I keep promising myself I'm going to delete this dumbass blog from my bookmarks, but for some reason I keep coming back. It's like some sort of freakin' drug.

    I enjoy a good debate as much as anyone. As long as the opposing side puts forth a good argument, instead of ignoring facts and statistics from reliable sources, and splitting hairs over the definition of the term "intercourse".

    He deleted my last posting from his previous blog entry. I guess he's tired of me making sense.

  41. Conservative with a brain,

    You are far more conservative than me but I appreciate your fealty for facts and figures and your penchant for intellectual honesty.

    You're less "Crossfire" and more "McLaughlin Group" like that.

    Rusty's better than some of his readers as far as respecting logic, but I see your point. It's funny to me that b/c these morons can't debate us on the merits they call us (or me) stupid and uneducated.

    When you fail to understand the debate or are ignorant, it's always good to fall back on the orthodoxy, isn't it? Fall back on what's known and safe. Fall back on what your leaders are telling you.

    It's a shame that we can't have a decent discussion on the merits of arguments without some morons ignoring the points and just pointing fingers.

    You're stupid. Well, that was the level of discourse we had in second grade. Good job, morons.

  42. Conservative,

    This is tremendously disappointing to me because, as I pointed out above, I was looking for a good fight.

    What I got was a 98-pound weakling calling me stupid. You're right. It AIN'T worth it.

  43. So how do you type, with the socks on both hands?

  44. I don't even have to type. You do?

  45. Conservative, you double posted so I took a post of yours down. But I can't find the original so I must have accidently double-delted.

    Honestly, it really was an accident. Please feel free to re-post.

  46. You can't use "nigger" other than as an epithet. But you can use epithets other than "nigger."

    Ergo, reformulating Webb: "I used epithets, but I never used the word "nigger." QED

  47. Liberal Dude,

    Like I said - it ain't worth it. I believe Rusty when he says that it was a mistake in deleting my post, but I can't debate someone who refuses to see any side of an issue but their own. I'm outta here. I've deleting this blog from my favorites.

    Y'all have fun now, ya hear......

  48. Alright Conservative Dude. And one more point, I never said I opposed immigration. I said I opposed ILLEGAL immigration. There's a difference.

  49. How come other poor ethnic groups in the United States always seem to work and educate themselves up the societal ladder within a couple of generations but that one group --you know which one-- always seem to dwell in its own ocean of filth generation after generation save for a small percentage of achievers?

  50. Oh, hey Anonymous,

    I don't agree w/ you there. Try to be a bit more charitable to your fellow man. If there is a group you believe underachieves, try to look at it from a more sociolgical or scientific point of view.

    Maybe they're disadvantaged, maybe a certain percentage of them are less intelligent--who the hell knows. Many scientists believe the average 17 point disparity between white and black in this country is due to undercultivation of black minds and to extreme poverty.

    Believe it or not, poverty has an adverse effect on IQ. That doesn't explain the disparity in IQs between blacks and whites of comparable socioeconomic levels, but there's so much going on.

    Judge people as individuals. I think you should make an effort to make a friend some day from the group your castigating as inferior.

    And, not for nothing, but this is a group that invented jazz. Many experts from foreign countries look at jazz and know that Americans are idiots because we do not fully appreciate what has happened here and the tremendous leap forward that that represents.

    Hundreds of years from now, scientists may study us and point to the development of jazz as a major milestone in humanity. I'm not fucking kidding; that's what people say.

    That said, I oppose illegal immigration. By the way, illegal immigration is NOT going to hellp to raise black wages.

    I would recommend that you speak to more people and try to learn more. There's nothing wrong w/ you that you're trying to use the Internet to communicate with people. If you're indeed ignorant, than you can still do something about that.

  51. "Honestly, how can Webb say that he never used the word "nigger" as an epithet? How else can one use that word?"

    You can use it in a record store, when ordering a Richard Pryor album, microbrain.

  52. You know, you read a thread like this and you wonder if this whole Interweb thing is really such a great communications tool. Whole lot of shouting going on, not much exchange of ideas. Apparently if you're here you're either racist or stupid. Got it.

    So here's my question on the immigration debate, directed to all those who are concerned with what illegal immigrants are doing to American workers: are you prepared to pay $8 for a potato? Because produce is going to be insanely expensive if we give all those agricultural jobs to the legions of hard working American citizens that Lou Dobbs assures me are clamoring for those jobs.

  53. "because I oppose the merger of labor markets with Mexico."

    What the fuck are you talking about? The merger of labor markets? What, did you just get out of Economics 101? This isn't even on the table. Come back to reality.

  54. "Microbrain"


  55. You orthodox liberals are just full of stupid ideas, ain't ya? There's nothing dumber than a knee-jerk conservative or liberal that doesn't think for himself.

    You have a more nuanced opinion than me, are more educated and informed on issues so i conclude that you are... stupid.

    You are also uneducated, but don't mind me, I've never read Catullus or Kazantakis. I think I'm smart because I know who John Locke is from my intro. to philosophy class in college.

    I am a small-gonad 24 year-old liberal white boy who supports gay rights and follows the party orthodoxy.

    I believe in republicanism and eschew any democratic thought. I am holier-than-thous

  56. Ted Kennedy's Liver,

    It's not on the table? Says who? I'm discussing what I, me, myself want to discuss.

    Not on the table? That really shows your ignorance doesn't it? But that's okay, most Americans aren't aware that our government is working expediently (and secretly) to erase the borders with not only Mexico but Canada by the year 2010 to create a giant North American Union to supposedly compete w/ the EU and and the economic union between China and India.

    Economics 101? Uh, I think you're stuck in Politics 205.... YOU need to face reality, buddy.

  57. are you prepared to pay $8 for a potato?

    I understand that side of the argument that says that off-shoring, out-sourcing and the importation of cheap labor has given the American consumer a bonanza of wealth in the form of lower consumer prices.

    That may be. I admit I'm a bit ignorant and should read some more on that bit....

    But I do know that the benefits of all of these things are going disproportionately to the higher classes. The business benefits are being "harvested" by the equity holders while the lower classes pay taxes to support these illegal workers.

    The lower classes are subsidizing the upper classes, as per usual.

    I think there must be a happy medium and I don't like the idea that we shouldn't be permitted to have an informed national conversation on the matter.

    If you have reservations about the whole thing, you're a racist.

  58. Take the tin foil off your head, buddy.

    "But that's okay, most Americans aren't aware that our government is working expediently (and secretly) to erase the borders with not only Mexico but Canada by the year 2010 to create a giant North American Union"

    Hilarious. Next stop, Bellevue.

    "economic union between China and India."

    Hmmmm...I guess that one too is on the table even though it's COMPLETE NONSENSE?

  59. What the fuck are you talking about? The merger of labor markets? What, did you just get out of Economics 101? This isn't even on the table. Come back to reality.

    Reality, eh? I think you need to some basic research. This article was the first thing that popped up on Google: http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=14965

    Remember the meeting recently between President Bush, President Fox and Prime Minister Martin?

    Remember what that was all about? Economics 101, my ass. I think you're stuck in Keeping Your Head Up Your Ass 507 (with includes a lab).

  60. Ted Kennedy's Liver,

    Go ahead and keep your head up your ass, you ignorant shit. How the hell would YOU know? NAFTA was just the beginning....

  61. Ted,

    What's your problem? A little defensive about the Mexican pool boy you've got at home?

  62. Every one is ganging up on me! Help!

    Let's see people. No, I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THE U.S. GOVERNMENT IS "SECRETLY" IN THE PROCESS OF ERASING OUR BORDERS, notwithstanding some pile of dredge opinion piece linked to in the neo-conservative book club above. OK?
    Call me crazy!

  63. You know what? Unlike you, I'll admit that I may be a bit ignorant.

    Forget Economics 101. The old saw is that no two economists will agree on a given issue. Maybe a North American Union would lead to greater prosperity, but it seems to reason that there'd be some growing pains that'd involve American wages lowering to the average of North America.

    And that's really something b/c despite all of our bitching moaning we have real prosperity here. The richest EU states only have wealth levels on par with our poorest states, like Alabama.

    Those supposedly rich Scandinavians have the purchasing power of those in the deep South. Ain't that something?

    Anyway, debate me on the merits but don't say someone who raises concerns is a wacko. That's just stupid.

  64. Ted,

    Maybe I'm a bit "alarmist" but what happened here w/ NAFTA? Funny thing, many of those jobs that went down to Mexico drained to China not too long afterward.

    If we had a single global labor market (which is a ridiculous thought experiment) you wouldn't be able to compete. You'd dream of someday getting a roofing job.

  65. Ted,

    Help, help, I'm out of ideas! Calling all Orthodox Democrats!!!!

  66. Alright, Ted. To sound less sinister, the U.S. government is erasing the border right in front of our face.

    That's why they're not enforcing the law and republicans in the senate were grudgingly forced to agree w/ the House (which is closer to the people) on an enforcment only bill before the elections.

    Oh, damn those elections! If only the business roundtable republicans could dictate to the entire country!

  67. Alright, I quit. I've run out of ammo and now I'm just going to fall back on petty insults.

    $8 potato, eh? I'll have to read more about that angle. I'd like to believe it. I'd also LOVE to believe those guys who get on television and write books claiming that global warming is bullshit. They make such comforting arguments that I just want to believe everything is going to be okay.

    They say, well, the New York Times thought last century that we'd be wiped out by an ice age--so which is it?

  68. On the $8 potato...

    What's not to get? The US is a largely consumer society. That consumption is driven by cheap goods made possible by very cheap labor. I'm not saying this is RIGHT. I'm saying this is what people have becom ACCUSTOMED TO.

    We bring over migrant workers to pick strawberries and pay them peanuts so you can buy strawberries for $2.99 per pound. Cute quips about global warming deniers aside, I'm guessing that if we have to pay strawberry pickers minimum wage, berry prices MIGHT go up.

    Ditto with construction. You know how much it will cost to build an apartment building if you're paying an hourly wage as opposed to $3 per sheet of drywall?

    Nobody makes this connection. If we were serious about addressing illegal immigration, we'd go after the businesses that actually hire illegal immigrants. But we don't. We freak out about the poor bastards who come here just trying to earn a living. That strikes me as at best misguided and at worst disingenuous, and I can definitely see how some would percieve it as racist.

  69. Thanks for your opinion! I found it to be very entertaining. I too would like to know what people will actually STAND for.

  70. God bless america and George W. Bush!

  71. Nobody makes this connection.

    I think you're really proud of yourself, buddy.

    No one makes the connection. Yes, I just validated that your argument is real and does factor in. I'm just saying, however, that there might be a happy medium between between being an ultra-consumerist society and letting every immigrant overwhelm us and retaining a bit of our history....

    And who says I don't favor going after the businesses that hire illegal aliens and you're telling me that I am the one who's going after the poor bastards who do the work? No, I'm not.

    And, furthermore, who brought up race? No one except you. Would you be more or less opposed, more or less sanctimonious, if they were white immigrants. You're liberal for the sake of being liberal, without looking at hte arguments objectively.

    Listen pal, I'm not saying you're argument isn't correct. I'm just saying that it's only a PIECE of the overall picture.

    You're a bit of an eglomaniac and a nincompoop if you think you have all of the answers.

  72. On the $8 potato...

    What's not to get?

    Yeah, I GET the connection, you moron. The question was HOW much this factors into the overall argument. The idea itself is relatively simple, as you stated.

    NOw, I suppose you might want to lecture me on elementary geometry or algebra. You'd make a good kindergarten teacher.

    When i said I wanted to read more about the $8 potato, I didn't mean that I didn't understand the concept, I meant I wondered what would be the optimum balance between free markets and protectionism?

    We're obviously at some sort of balance in between the two right now. Duh.

    I should hire you to teach my dog the concept of "sit" or "shake." You're a real whizzkid.