My Eyes Do Not Deceive Me!

You'll never believe this, but The Washington Post is reporting that Metro has failed to reach its service goals. And the problem isn't getting any better! Hurrah!

On-time performance has been declining for the past 17 months; not once did the agency meet its performance benchmark of having 95 percent of all trains run on schedule. On-time performance was worst during the evening rush, when it hovered in the 80 percent range. The steepest drop occurred between July and November, when service disruptions increased 30 percent from the same period the previous year.

Emphasis mine.

I really don't have a point to make other than that there's now confirmation for every single one of my anecdotal complaints I've made over the last two years.

Remember, any time you descend an escalator into the bowels on Metro after a long day of work, there is a one-in-five shot that your train will be significantly late. Even two minutes can turn a relatively comfortable commute into a nightmare. Maybe that's the reason most people in this city seem so distant and grumpy.

So, anyways, it's confirmed that Metro has a success rate of 0%. Color me surprised.

And then there's this:

At the same time, the few hours when trains are not running allow little time for track maintenance and other repairs to be done. That's why such work also takes place almost every weekend and during off-peak hours.

Is this a threat? Because complaining about the "few hours" when the trains aren't running is all sorts of bullshit. Closing any earlier than midnight is not the answer. The fact that there's a three hour difference between last train and last call five nights a week is already irresponsible. Pushing back Metro's operating hours should be the furthest thing from anyone's minds.


While I'm logged into my Blogger account, I might as well post a few follow-up links that are of interest:

It was only yesterday that I posted this slice of misery on to this site. More news regarding Saint Elizabeth's Hospital - home to mentally ill patients and criminally incompetent medical staff - came out this morning. Former Chief Pharmacist Raymond Jackson plead guilty to stealing $95,000 worth of medication from the hospital. The final tally between Jackson and his wife Brenda is estimated to be just under $250,000. I'm just glad that a woman named "Brenda" is finally getting the help she needs.

But, yeah, not a good week for St. E's.

And finally, a Laura Sessions Stepp update. Well, not an update per se, but rather an example of how dangerous her writing is. The website Feministing has been an important resource for me when it comes to keeping track of LSS and her traveling band of "chastity all-stars" and LSS's promotion of the horrible term "gray rape." For an example of why the term "gray rape" is so disgusting, please check out this post. The post comes with a "trigger warning" and for good reason. The story it tells is vile and disgusting. And there's no gray area to be seen.


  1. don't get mad Rusty, get even


  2. I would be happy if they gave everyone on a train with a 20 minute or greater delay a free ticket to drink a beverage without penalty. I would rack up so many coffee privileges for the morning commute.

  3. Wow am I relieved that once again, it's DC and not me that is the problem. I usually ride the bus or walk, because probably 80 percent of the relatively few times I've actually ridden the the metro I experience "moderate delays." And of course by "moderate," the WMATA asshats really mean "hellishly long." Keep up the good work, Metro!