OMGZ! Another new restaurant on 14th St, NW

And now, this site will see a 122% increase in traffic. As best as I can tell from a quick Googly search, this is a WIHDC exclusive, thus far.

OMGZ! 14th Street will be getting another new restaurant. Perhaps. No, we're not talking about Blu Lounge & Grill where the old bodega used to be. There's now an ABRA license application notice posted in the space between Vastu and City Paws. The new restaurant will be called Masa 14, and will feature Mediterranean and Asian fusion tapas and cocktails. That's a mouthful.

Two new restaurants/bars on 14th Street between S and T. Meanwhile, it appears that both Bar Pilar and Cafe St. Ex want to switch from restaurant licenses to tavern licenses.

Anyone want to take bets on the following?

1. How long will these two new restaurants last? and
2. How many yuppie bloggers will gush about these?

Oh and just what the hell is Mediterranean and Asian fusion tapas? It's like all the restaurants on 14th Street had an orgy and then their abortion was turned into a new restaurant.

I used to work on that strip of 14th, and while there is a lot of foot traffic, and a lot of people going to Black Cat, these seems a bit excessive. But whatever, let's open more restaurants--unemployed bloggers need somewhere to hang out.


  1. When you have a cross like Mediterranean and Asian in a restaurant, it usually means there was some sex involved somewhere in the deal....

  2. I think you beat blogs like metrocurean and the other billion dc food blogs to this one. and for christ's sake won't they stop making fusion tapas places?


  4. Yeah, but, where does a guy go for all his hipster needs? I mean, we need a one-stop shop for tight girl jeans, vintage yet ironic t-shirts, and of course fixies with chop n' flops and a Spinergy Rev-X wheel on the front.

  5. continuing on the above train of thought...

    How about all the messenger bags on non-messengers? WTF? If I see another Timbuktu or Chrome bag on a non-profit/consultant/GS-09 type on the Metro, I'm going to whine all over blogs throughout the city!

  6. I've reread that anonymous post up there about chop 'n flops and spinergy shit about a dozen times and I still have no idea what they are talking about. Is chop 'n flop a store? a hair cuttery that sells flip flops? Is that some hipster paen that only they are aware of?

  7. Here is a link to a real blog that answers your questions.

  8. There are already a million restaurants on the strip, which I realize is the point here, but good god. I just want something that's NOT fast food and is less than $15. Also not ridiculously trendy.

    Because anything that costs more than $15 and isn't a steak is a waste.

    And I don't even eat steak.

  9. OMG, Bothsidesofthefense? Shut up, get out, and stay out.

  10. Yup only transplants like bothsidesofthefense address things like restaurants as actual people in their blogs. if wihdc did that i would never visit it again!

  11. The best thing about this blog is Moe. --->

  12. That picture of Moe makes me nostalgic for Poor Robert's Tavern, which was in Cleveland Park before it was replaced by a wine bar or some other trendy shit. They had the same stained glass windows, and for years they had patched a broken pane with a CVS Writing Tablet. We used to call it "Moe's"...every time I went in, I expected the bartender to say, "How ya doin' Homah?"

    I once watched a couple of septugenarians get into one of the saddest fist fights ever there.

    F'ing transplants and their unslakable thirst for overpriced wine ruin everything.

  13. I'm not a transplant, fyi.

  14. "Timbuktu or Chrome"

    Don't worry. Those aren't real messenger bags. And no, I'm not going to tell you wannabes where to get a real one. Sorry, that's how it works.

  15. Mediterranean and Asian abortion?

    Ah, but along with the oaky bouquet and acidity, there's a salty-sweet afterbirth.

  16. Why do you guys say such hurtful things? And what's wrong with my Timbuktu bag??? It's SOOO practical. And you know, it actually IS professional--not everything has to be black leather you know...

  17. " I'm not going to tell you wannabes where to get a real one."

    Sorry, the bags you're thinking about aren't real messenger bags.

    In fact, if you ride fewer than 3000 mile per year, don't try to adopt any aspects of cycling as your own personal fashion statement.


  18. "Unemployed blogger"

    Talk about redundant.

  19. "I'm not a transplant, fyi."

    Um, Bothsides? Yeah, ummm, Fairfax isn't Washington, and like, you don't live in Washington anyway, so, like totally STFU.

  20. El-oh-el on unemployed bloggers....

  21. Three thousand? That would almost cover errands at lunchtime, Monday through Friday in winter. I wear Salvation Army bland wool and cotton while riding my 30 year-old bike, and no one in a yellow jersey ever passes me. But then, suburbanites in cages never get anywhere before me, either. Start whining now. You're very welcome.

  22. "But then, suburbanites in cages never get anywhere before me, either. Start whining now. You're very welcome."

    The anonymous comment above is the ONLY legetimate anonymous comment I've ever read on any blog or website anywhere. Ever.

    Yes, I'm serious; and you should all bow your heads in respect. (yes, I'm serious)

  23. BTW, look out for M@sshole. He hates cyclists. That's why I'm going to kill him on site when I find him. I'll be doing my part to protect the only civilized subculture in the US today.

  24. I fucking hate the internet.

  25. BTW, look out for M@sshole. He hates cyclists. That's why I'm going to kill him on site when I find him. I'll be doing my part to protect the only civilized subculture in the US today.

    --You've just inspired a new post.... You're going to love it.

  26. "--You've just inspired a new post.... You're going to love it."

    I always love it when I get under your skin by speaking truth about your daddie.

    I'm going to kick the cunt in the solar plexis with a steel-toed boot, cunt jr.

  27. does this mean St. Ex and Bar Pilar will exclusively be bars? i liked the food at St. Ex...

  28. hipster shitheadMarch 09, 2009

    All of the militant bike comments: You people are idiots.

    1: I'm guessing that the fashion statement guy who doesn't want everyone to have the same bag as him owns a Bailey Works that he paid too
    much for during that long weekend in Brooklyn. Do you own a tall bike too,

    2: On behalf of all cyclists that are cyclists without the subculture lifestyle hangups (I do 3k in the winter in my "found
    wardrobe" and beat cars all the time on my way to the co-op during my
    lunch break at american apparel/goethe institut/corcoran gallery) go
    kill yourself. Please. Some of us want to enjoy our cycling commutes without being pressured into thinking we're Garth at an Alice Cooper After party.

    3: My spandex smells like balls. Just like your ironic studio in Petworth. asshole.

  29. The 'fashion statement guy' doesn't own a mssgr bag. Period.

    Nice assumption though. You probably assume that your father is your biological parent too, right?

    Your mother was a whore, and she allowed her Johns to ride her bareback if they paid an extra $10.

    She was classy like that.

  30. hipster shitheadMarch 10, 2009

    my dad is dead. thanks for bringing that up. he was killed during a tall bike joust in DUMBO.

    fashion statement guy owns a "messgr" bag. fo sho. fo sheezy. it may be a bunch of sewn together mini bags or some shit, but he owns one. either way, he can s my d.

    Only in America would people bad mouth hookers. Don't you have some abortion clinic director to rape? Or are you just biding time until your 12 year old gets home?

  31. The meatbag you thought was your father is dead; son.

  32. hipster shitheadMarch 11, 2009