Briefly noted, Wednesday;

Ted Kennedy is dead. The man was not without controversy, however he did serve the people of Massachusetts and the United States of America for decades. Rest in peace. He likely accomplished more during his career as a Senator than he ever could have as President.

The Washington Post is way ahead of the curve, breaking the story of a new culinary trend in town: cupcakes. Way to be relevant and timely, Posties. Likely inspiration for the story, the lines wrapped around the block in Dupont Circle for a free cupcake at Hello Cupcake. Write that FroYo story now and save it for 2011. What's that? Cupcakes in a recession seem like a bad business model? Is there a cupcake bubble? Good thing we've moved on to pie.

H Street NE to be closed for streetcar track installation. Two intersections along H Street NE will be closed this week for streetcar work. 4th and H St. NE will be closed from 9-5 today for track work. This would be awesome and inspiring if we weren't installing tracks to nowhere. Remember, as of now, DDOT doesn't know how the streetcars will be powered.

A bunch of assholes made some noise in Reston yesterday. Health care townhall turns violent, comical. From @dceiver: "Outside someone has a Bush/Cheney 04 poster. He came from the past to warn us!" Maybe he also came to write the cupcake article for the Post.

Hubub over so-called "Fenty Field." The Harriet Tubman school in Columbia Heights recently got a renovated soccer field. I haven't personally looked at it, but it seems Fenty's name is emblazoned in large lettering. The DC GOP is pissed, and local bloggers are wondering if the public can use the field. No one has any good answers. Also, no one has a picture of the supposed controversial Fenty signage. NBC runs a whole article focusing on the hubub, but only shows a stock photo of Fenty. That was helpful.

I wanted to point this link out, simply because I can never walk past this place without reading the cafe's name as LOLCAT. Locolat Cafe applies for liquor license.

Also, I noticed the under construction Tynan Coffee near the Columbia Heights Metro is applying for a liquor license as well. That seems a bit strange to me.


  1. dear W.I.H.D.C., I love you. I wish I could get ALL of my news from you. good day sir

  2. When Cosi was XandO they served beer (and I think wine). Yummy beer, as I recall.