I went to the City Paper tweetup and all I got was a hacking cough

Dear Internets,

Most of you missed a prime opportunity to meet this here blogger, I went to the City Paper tweetup last Thursday. I feel like an idiot using the word "tweetup" or "tweeps," but who am I kidding, I tweeted about it and even made sure to "check in" on Foursquare. In any event, it was fun and I had a chance to meet some people from out in Internet-land.

I also somehow managed to catch the plague. On Saturday night I developed this hacking cough and a fever, and I noticed that a few other people who were present at the "tweetup" were also sick. For some reason it seems to have kicked my ass the most, leaving me with a 101-102 degree fever and feeling like crap. Thank god for Tylenol so I can muster enough strength to write this post and to go to the doctor.

The doctor's office stuck a giant Q-Tip up my nose to test for the flu, which came back negative. From what I understand, that test isn't always accurate. I definitely have flu-like symptoms. I'm not a doctor, though, so I'm not going to go on too much of a rampage demanding Tamiflu.

In any event, I've been meaning to write more about the Metro shake-up, which turned out to be basically what I was predicting. It was a bit more extensive, but is still sort of the same M.O. of "let's shake up the safety department!" I'll have more on that later. I've still got this fever, so I'll be stuck in my apartment for at least another day.

Hooray. This sucks.

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