News Bullets, 'Mayor Feny' Thursday;

It's already Thursday! I'm bringing the funny back with a story to run later today, let's just say it involved Chipotle, bulletproof glass, the DC Council and people not getting over themselves. Let's move it along for now though to the day's news. I'm not even going to touch the Howard University terrorist story, that's just ripe for all sorts of uninformed commentary.

New Washington Post "Story Lab" blog chronicles the development of a stupid story. The Washington Post ran an underwhelming story today about tattoos in the workplace. The whole "tattoos are taboo" thing could be a moderately interesting story, except the Post didn't seem to have much luck with the research. All we get is a boring piece that says "some people feel uncomfortable showing their tattoos in an office." They couldn't find anyone with a personal story about being fired or disciplined for having visible tattoos. The story barely discussed any actual dress codes or regulations regarding tattoos or body piercings. Additionally, they story only briefly touched on places where tattoos are more accepted--naming bicycle shops, video stores, and the "batik-lined hallways of hip nonprofits." Video stores? Now you really are dating yourself, Post. I liked the story about the police officer with tattoos, should have developed that angle more. Otherwise this is a pointless story. It's pointless and we didn't need TWO OTHER stories telling us how you wrote the first stupid one. I didn't need the Post to tell me that if you work in an office and have tattoos, you should consider the atmosphere of the office before uncovering your tattoos.

Ballou High School slated to get its own fire station. Well, not exactly. However, DC Fire and EMS has been called to the school 40 times since August 24. Apparently the Arson Club has been hard at work, setting numerous small fires--in trash cans, stairwells, bathrooms, and even a bulletin board. School officials didn't say much, and the school's principal refused to speak without permission from The Enforcer. For reference, the 40 calls are about twice the normal amount for the school. Some students speculated the fires are set in order to evacuate the school and shorten the school day. Who would have guessed? I assumed it was just some overzealous members of the Arson Club.

Costco coming to a mostly inaccessible part of D.C. Do you need to look at a map to tell you where Fort Lincoln is? Here's a clue, if you've ever driven north using the BW Parkway, you might recall passing the Washington Times production plant. That's near Fort Lincoln, and that's where Costco is coming. Councilmember Kwame Brown (D-At Large) made the announcement yesterday. The bulk retailer will be located near the intersection of New York Avenue and South Dakota Avenue NE. I suppose one could say most people drive to Costco anyways. It would be difficult to take that pallet of Cheez Whiz on the Metro.

Jim Graham posts barely comprehensible message to his blog. Yesterday the Ward 1 Councilmember made a blog post about Columbia Heights. In this post, Graham discusses a recent walk-through of Northwest Columbia Heights. The big piece of information that's going around the blogs is that Graham says drug dealers from Maryland have moved into NW Columbia Heights. Never fear, though, "the police are aware of the problem and are actively investigating." I'm not sure what the "territory" that was taken back is, I used to live in that area and it doesn't seem like much has changed. The gas station near 14th and Otis is practically Amsterdam, and I have no idea why that hasn't changed, ever. In any event, what I loved the most about this whole post was the misspelling of "Mayor Feny." LETTERS AREN'T FREE. WE'RE SAVING MONEY HERE. WE GOT MOST OF THEM! THE INTERNET IS NOT A TRUCK!!!

And, as the whole world has now told me: Founding Farmers has a Dyson Air Blade. Too bad Dyson isn't an American company. I'd like to see a Dyson Air Blade stimulus package. After seeing these at an obscenely large Whole Foods in Chicago, I'm sold!

Keep on keepin' on DC. It's the season to be happy, and soon we'll all rejoice because Cleveland Park will be revitalized with a restaurant that serves only breakfast cereal!


  1. UGH! I hate the Washington Post articles. They are poorly written. They write down to people, I think they believe we are all stupid.

    Plus, I have 17 tattoos, and only one place had an issue with them!

    Love Why.I.Hate.dc

  2. Costcos and Home Depots are absolutely perfect for places that are mostly inaccessible (e.g only by car) for exactly the reason you state.

    Even the most inaccessible part of DC is more accessible than anywhere in Arlington or Maryland as far as costco shopping is concerned. (Ever tried to park at Pentagon City costco? Do you even know where Beltsville is? Well I do. It's not pretty.)

    This is great news.

  3. Nando's Peri Peri in Dupont Circle also has a Dyson Airblade.