News Bullets, phoning it in Wednesday;

Well, the horrible ice storm never made it here, but the rest of the country seems to be getting slammed. The storm might have been responsible for the traffic accident right outside my window last night at 1:45 AM, though. Hearing screeching tires and a crash while half-asleep is an odd experience, to say the least. Yup, I have to keep the window open these days since the radiators in the building only have two settings: VERY HOT and EXTREMELY HOT.

Manager of Tenleytown Ruby Tuesday missing. Cynthia Ann Passmore, 48, of Forestville has not been seen since closing the restaurant Monday night. Passmore's ATM cards had been used in several locations in the District on Tuesday. Police are searching for both Passmore and her vehicle. Passmore has been located and is alive and well.

Yesterday I wrote about a disturbing photo taken on the Red Line. As it turned out, there was a good explanation for it. Who would have guessed? In this case, kudos to Metro for answering the questions in a prompt and complete way. I have many more questions, WMATA, and I'd love to chat further. You know how to reach me!

Fenty skiped Pollin funeral to attend a Wizards game in Miami. While Fenty did speak at last night's public memorial service, WTOP learned Fenty was at a Wizards game when Pollin was laid to rest. Fenty also neglected to send a representative from the Mayor's office to the funeral. When asked about the matter, he gave the standard "I'll get back to you" response. I'm not sure how "I'll get back to you" is an appropriate response to "Why didn't you send someone from your office?" Fenty's poll numbers are in the toilet, and he's unlikeable. I was watching footage of a recent library dedication, and I tell you, Fenty looked pained by his own existence. Not even his dapper hat and trench coat could give him any sort of gravitas.

Handgun found in DC Jail. A weapon was recovered Monday night from an inmate "telephone unit." It's unclear how the weapon made it into the jail, or how long it had been there. There is speculation it ended up there as part of a 2003 plot where inmates would shoot themselves and then sue the DC Government.

District finally ponies up to Hawk One. The private security company shut down a few months back, and was unable to pay many of it's employees. Hawk One blamed the District for the mess, claiming the city was late on payments for services. Turns out D.C. was behind on the payments, and will be turning over $1.7 million to the Department of Labor by Friday. You might remember Hawk One security from providing the armed guards that yelled at you at the DMV.

Sorry this has been a bit abbreviated, it's been a busy morning. So here, if you missed it, DC music legends Jawbox appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night. Here's them playing one of my favorite songs. This should also be one of your favorite songs:

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