AOL Cuts Jobs in Consolidation Move

Sigh. Remember when laying off people just before Christmas used to be a cliche?


You will be visited by three ghosts!

The first is the Ghost of AOL Past. You will shudder at the ruination of the Internet, the advent of mass pedophilia spam, and of course, frequent layoffs.

Then, the Ghost of AOL Present. Witness the destruction of Netscape, the mass exodus of subscribers to superior high-speed Internet options, and the consummation of the worst merger ever: AOL and Time Warner unite to become AOL-Time Warner, and then just Time Warner again as everyone tries to just forget it ever happened.

Finally, the Ghost of AOL Future... a company so mired in greed that it finally out-stupids itself, falling into the grave of dead dot-coms.

Whew... I think the chained apparition of Steve Case's home page took over for a little while there.

God bless us every one!

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