Time to get fucked up the ass by the federal government, AGAIN

Some fuckwad Oklahoma representative wants to cut federal funding of Metro because they ran a non-profit advertisement calling for the legalization of marijuana.

This week, Istook inserted into a bill language that would cut Metro's funds by $92,500 and prohibit any transit system that receives federal funds from running advertising from a group that wants to decriminalize marijuana.
No... NO... how will Metro pay for the $100,000 SUPER TOILET!?!? HOWWWWW!?!?!???

"Metro is using taxpayer facilities to promote illegal activity," said Micah Swafford, Istook's press secretary.
Um, except it's totally not, you vapid congressional whore.

The ad in question didn't advocate anything illegal; it simply called for the legalization of an illegal drug, which, correct me if I'm wrong, is not an illegal activity, and is covered by that whole "free speech" thing we've got going on in this here country.

Free speech is a great thing, Micah Swafford. It allows you to post a Real Video tour of your living room on the Web, which, let me tell you, had me on the edge of my fucking seat. It allows me to suggest that you take a few minutes to read the Constitution between blowjob sessions with Rep. Istook. (Um, I think I'm probably not going to be invited to Monday at Micah's.)

The moral of the story: stupid, petty federal politics is potentially going to cost us transit money, which is exactly what the city with the third-worst traffic congestion in the country needs not. And it's all because of a blowjob.

I mean marijuana! It's all because of marijuana.

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