Because unfightable parking tickets don't bring in enough money

The honor of the first jurisdiction in the country to install permanent automatic cameras to catch speeders goes to the District of Columbia. Says Chief Ramsey:

"The sign out there says '25' (mph), it doesn't say about 25, or close to 25. It says 25. So, if you are under you are OK, if you are over, you are at your own risk."
As someone who was ticketed for driving 65 mph on an empty 55 mph road in Luray, Va., yet who every day is tailgated by people trying to drive 85 on the 55-mph I-66 and Dulles Toll Road, I can sympathize with anyone who gets ticketed by a camera for doing 26-34. It's just one more way to turn people off to moving to or visiting our nation's capital.

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