Somehow, she still has a job

Yes, I'm talking about my favoritest columnist, Jen Waters, lifestyle reporter at the Washington Times, fan club established in 2003.

Jen been having a rough time lately. She's really been going through the motions, just plugging all her interview data into the Jen-o-Matic 2000. Here are the leads from her last four published stories:

Amey St. Clair of Arlington had migraines for months.

Bonnie Vining of Vienna has paid her dues as a student.

Cindy Weller of Edgewater, Md., is reminded of the importance
of family every time the grandfather clock in her home chimes.

Three-year-old Maria Christine Vucci of Brookeville,
Md., is on a diet.
Coming soon: Jen Waters' Mad Libs!

(Proper name) of (city) (is/has) (something boring nobody cares about).

Personally, I prefer her journalistic writing over at yifa.org's "newz and viewz". Here's her lead on a story entitled World Bank and IMF:

In order to pray in an effective manner, it is important to stay abreast on the cultural issues. [sic]

One of the most controversial subjects of our day concerns the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Like most contentious matters, there are many sides to the debate. All of which need prayer.
Awww, what a cutie-pie.

Sadly, yifa.org took down Jen's bio and attractive photo a while back. The next-hottest yifa-girl remaining appears to be Megan Johnson, FYI.

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