Prime DC Hating

I gave ya'll 2,000 words yesterday, so I'm going to take today off*. Instead of ranting about the Metro for the 439th time, I'll direct you to The DCeiver's most recent post** regarding the Washington Post's "Best Bets." It's pretty amazing. This is a level of snarkiness that blows me out of the water. Well done, sir.

*Unless an intern makes eye contact with me at lunch. Then it's war.
**I even put the hyperlink in boldface to make sure you clicked it!


  1. I like to fuck interns, but that's about it.

  2. Please stop underlining the Washington Post. And if you can't stop underlining the Washington Post, then at least underline the Washington Post consistently. Yesterday you underlined the Washington Post; today you underlined only "Washington Post."

  3. Well, LLB...yesterday you reminded me that the "The" in "The Washington Post" was not in the masthead. I have fixed it accordingly.

    And I'm using quotations instead of underlining here because I don't know HTML.

  4. Oh, my goodness. The grammar police are going to arrest you and, if they don't get you, the gay mafia's surely gonna slap you upside the head for those K-Mart shoes.

    Hey, no racism here. I was just driving (I'm white) and made a right turn and let a Hispanic guy finish crossing the street in front of me. So this black dude driving a Lexus SUV tries to cut by me to my right, upset that I was going to let this pedestrian LIVE.

    Fuck you, LEXUS SUV asshole!

    --Krystal Koons

  5. You could have told that story without involving race and it would have been just as effective.

    Also, LLB has noted that underlining is now antiquated under Chicago Style. Now that word processors are so common, you're supposed to italicize.

    Eff that.

  6. If you want to appear smarter, then try writing better entries instead!

  7. Once again, you're wrong, Rusty.

    The masthead is the inside listing of staff members, editors, etc.

    The flag is what you're referring to.

    And "The" absolutely is in the flag.

    If you're going to be an anal nitpicker, at least be a correct anal nitpicker

  8. God damn it, LLB. Formerly is right. I double-checked with a WaPo employee and it's The Washington Post.

    Formerly, you are 100% correct.
    LLB and I need to have a little talk. I think he's using fancy journalism degree to sabotage me.

  9. Just looking out for you.

  10. Yeah, I could have told the story without involving race, but my point was that it was non-racial... I mean, race was irrelevent for once....

    People, no matter their background, in this city are always punishing me for yeilding to pedestrians on those right turns. I get so mad....

    I'll try leaving race out next time....

  11. WHO uses Chicago style anymore? Are you kidding me?

  12. Yeah, mea culpa on the race. Everyone here's a butthead.

  13. Yeah, mea culpa on the race. Everyone here's a butthead.

  14. What a lame set of Best Bets? Maggiano's for Best Italian and PF Chang's for Best Chinese? WTF? Do we live in bumfuck Kansas or something?!

  15. I was cracking up about the guy who defended the badge-wearing people--"badgers."

    He's probably stoked to be a GS 11 Step Five!


    --Kaptain Krystal

  16. Can I have your blog? You're so lazy. I imagine you're slumbering beneath a pile of greasy McDonald's wrappers, beer bottles littering the floor.


  17. yeah. for goodness sake rusty, post something already.

  18. Sorry, I'm dealing with Hater's Block. The city hasn't annoyed me in the past few days.

  19. I know what you mean. Sometimes things are just going good and i feel bad about bitching. Nice day!

  20. Update on the supposed hate-on-hate blog. Rusty's off the hook for a bit, but there could be a petition drive in the works if he doesn't get to some serious hate soon.


  21. http://www.stoptheinvasion.blogspot.com/

  22. Interesting link. However, the mere mention of being against ILLEGAL immigration immediately labels one as a racist. I'm in favor of legal immigration, learning English, and ASSIMILATING INTO SOCIETY. Strange how being in favor of what made America great makes me a racist.

    Don'tcha think?

  23. Shithole,

    I couldn't agree w/ you more. You know, I am willing to support our social welfare system. I am willing to pay more taxes so we can provide all American children with the following:

    1. baseline nutrition (including school breakfasts)
    2. baseline health care
    3. protection from PEDAPHILES

    But there is a limit to what we can all afford and still have an equitable society. Were this an actual democracy, we the citizenry might have been consulted about another 120 million additional Americans in the next 44 or so years!

    But you're a racist b/c you don't want a merger with Mexico. Yup, we're "tools" in the toolshed.

    I'm a democrat but I'll be voting on this issue and if I have to vote for anti-ILLEGAL immigration republicans then I damn well will.

    I'm not racist. I'm attracted to black women, etc. I just think we have LIMITS.

  24. Shithole,

    Why bother visiting a Third World country? Just sit where you are for another ten years.