Video Evidence of DC Idiots in Their Natural Habitat

Big thanks to Deadspin for posting this video of diehard R****ins fans.

Every city has brainless sports fans. To mock Washington for that would be ridiculous. But let's be honest, these guys are dolts.


  1. First of all, fuck the Redskins.

    Second of all, who cares. I don't understand these no-life-having people who worship a team as if they had any part in their success, or failure as the case may be.

    Unless you or one of your friends/relatives plays for the team, or has some sort of major financial stake in the team (not that $100 bet you are going to loose,) stop acting like jack ass.

    That shit is lame!

    I have spoken,


  2. I would agree with you if the happiest day of my life wasn't when the Red Sox won the World Series.

    Wicked lame jackassery. But I don't heckle people in parking lots like those R****ins fans.

  3. I couldn't agree more with youse guys.

    I am guilty of wearing my Red Sox hat around town but only because I enjoy the brand name, affiliation with that regional U.S. "tribe" and because I think it flatters me. You can always tell a wicked redneck (no matter the ethnicity/race) by his old Redskins hat.

    These are guys who truly don't have the brains to pursue a more worthwhile avocation. Couldn't care less about the NFL and their loser fans. I have one neighbor who'd scream at the top of his lungs on Sunday afternoons and it took me a while to discern what he was saying.

    "Pass the ball, Ramsey! C'mon Ramsey! Awwww, shit!"

    Just wanted to testify.

  4. Replace "Ramsey" with "Bledsoe" and you have a pretty good description of my life in high school.

  5. That was so fucking gross I couldn't even bring myself to watch any more than the first minute. The only thing worse than stupid Redskins fans are stupid Redskins fans who act like primitive dumbfucks.

    Oh, and child molestors - but they are okay in Rusty's book.

  6. Man, none of those guys live in the city.

    It used to be great goint to the games. It may be hard to believe, but people used to dress up somewhat for them, were civil to a great extent, and mature. Hell, we got to know everyone in the sections around us.

    I had been going to the games at RFK for over thirty years, but after one game at the new stadium in Landover, I decided to no longer attend.

    Those RFK years were the glory years for the Skins.

  7. This blog will never be bigger than Cape Cod. Not as long as Steven Fucking Weber has anything to say about it.


  8. Hahaha. Wings is set in Nantucket, not Cape Cod proper.