All Sorts of Bad News

1. First and foremost, "The Reliable Source" is reporting that the sale of Sign of the Whale has fallen through. The new buyers are dedicating to preserving the M Street bar and keeping its clientele. The clientele that consists of the absolute worst of AU and GW students. Everytime I walk by that place (and Madhatter) on a Friday night, I quietly pray for a fire.

I was really looking forward to drinking in the Irish pub that was supposed to take the Whale's place. It would have been a generic and unauthentic drinking experience, but it would have been an intangibly better experience that what the current batch of 19th and M bars have to offer.

Incidentally, Sign of the Whale is being purchased by the group that owns Rhino Bar. All sorts of mixed feelings there. Rhino can have its moments, but it's hard to take a bar seriously when it supports The Boston Red Sox, the Philadelphia Eagles, two Big Ten rivals (Ohio State and Penn State), and a Big East team (Syracuse). Pick a geographic location and stick with it you wishy-washy bastards.

2. Since I've been living in Washington, there have been some pretty serious concerns regarding the drinking water. I have family around these parts who went as far to perform a mineral analysis of their kids when it turned out they had been drinking elevated levels of lead. Just another part of Washington's "charm."

I think I'm going to be doing a mineral analysis myself after finding out that our drinking water is creating lady parts on male fish.

Caveats galore here. The fish are always exposed to water and don't have very strong immune systems. The pollutants that are doing this to the fish probably aren't giving me a set of ovaries. But, the creation of intersex fish? That's some genuinely creepy stuff. Just the word "intersex" gives me the chills.

3. This has been covered by other blogs (notably Cyber Agatha and Goldenfiddle) already, but allow me to pay my respects to the now defunct Vividblurry. It was the first blog I had ever read and I loved it until its dying breath. If it weren't for Toby, I wouldn't be blogging. So, haters, instead of spewing vinegar towards me in my comments, shoot him an e-mail and let him know that he created an unreadable and humorless monster.


  1. Who the hell would drink DC tap water in the first place?

    Remember when they were giving out free Brita filter cause it was so bad?

    I don't drink tap water anywhere, but especially in DC. If I crash at a freind's apartment after a night of Russian-style drinking and wake up in the morning feeling like a just sprinted the Sahara dessert marathon, I still choose to walk my hung-over-ass to 7-11 rather than drink from the faucet.

  2. I'm gonna sell DC tap water to all the trannies in southeast and make $$$$$. Thanks rusty!

  3. You know how I know Rusty is gay? The word "intersex" gives him the chills.

  4. If you're really Seth Rogen, can we be friends?

  5. Damn, here I was thinking that the water tasted pretty good.

  6. I hear you on the Tranny fish! Just one more reason to buy bottled water!!


    Your Homo In The City,

    See what all the effing fuss is about!

  7. Krystal BallSeptember 07, 2006

    I'm such a dog.

    All of my dishes are sitting in or around the sink so I'll sometimes just leave myself a bowl of tap water on my nightstand.

    I've got to do better for myself.

  8. How about all the DC schools still chock full of dangerous chemicals and substances? Not to be vague or anything, but I remember reading some things about district schoolchildren overexposed to lead a few years back. Between that and the water, maybe DC administration has a secret plan to turn this generation of youngsters into the X-Men.

  9. you mean "ex-men" if it means them growing vaginas

  10. Jesus of AustinSeptember 07, 2006

    I am think we're already a bunch of p_ssies as it is. We definately don't need the environment feminizing us anymore than language and culture already is.

    But that's just how i "feel."

  11. ummm... why don't you just hold up a "God Hates Fags" sign, bigot.

  12. i was talking about the guy who posted above my comment. not you rusty. you're an honorary gay.

  13. Jesus of AustinSeptember 07, 2006

    Sir or Mame or Tranny,

    No, you mistook me. I don't hate anyone, certainly not gays. They're awesome people. I was just saying that, though somewhat "metrosexual" myself, I resent changes in our language (as a language stickler) and believe I should be allowed to be a man.

    Just let me be me. I don't "feel" so much as I "think." And I disdain the word "appropriate" or "inappropriate" in many contexts.

    I also dislike the whole yoga culture (especially Tranquil Space people). I'm not a bigot, ya goofball. And I'm entitled to be as masculine as I want to be....

    P.S. I do hate some people: those morons who hold up those signs. They're superstititous and hateful.

  14. cal WOULD HAVESeptember 07, 2006

    There's nothing "honorary" about Rusty.

  15. ummm... why don't you just hold up a "God Hates Fags" sign, bigot.

    Ummmm.... why don't you lap my bag?

  16. Sign of the Whale and the 'Hatter are absolutely god awful. But the burgers at the Whale are so damn good. worth the drunk kids in my opinion!!!

  17. my misunderstanding jesus of austin. sorry.

  18. "Lap My Bag" Doesn't THAT sound a bit gay?

  19. What do I win for being an honorary gay? A make-over? A Project Runway DVD?

    No seriously, I really want a Project Runway DVD. Isn't it great that Vincent finally got auf'd? Who's with me!?

  20. Jesus of AustinSeptember 07, 2006

    Yeah it does sound a bit gay, Anonymous. Sometimes idiomatic expressions don't make much sense. I remember this Puerto Rican girl I knew got really drunk one night and told me to "suck her d_ck."

    Oh, she was funny....

  21. Jesus of AustinSeptember 07, 2006

    Rusty wins a free pedicure at the Korean shop of his choice!

    Oh, and trim that mustache....

  22. Aww, I liked Vincent. He was kind of like an ambiguously gay Woody Allen. JEFFREY IS A PRICK WITH HIS STUPID NECK TATTOOS.

    Yes, I have strong opinions about TV. Hence my blog.

  23. To me, fish do LOOK androngenous, but this is ridiculous.

    I go kayaking on the Potomac and can't believe that I see people swimming in there. I'm afraid of getting cancer just by breathing the air there.

  24. They call me MISTER FentySeptember 08, 2006

    I have to agree...the Whale has great burgers. Why hate a place just because it's a tool-a-thon at night? Hang out for a good meal at lunch or dinner and enjoy.

  25. you hav to write abotu marion barry--you're my only source of local news.

  26. learn to spellSeptember 11, 2006

    Yoo half two taik a spelling class.

  27. Snark AttackSeptember 11, 2006


    commenting on this blog wasn't important enough to go back and correct my mispellings. It wasn't worth the two seconds to me at the time, you little snarky bitch.

  28. Can't Marion Barry stay out of trouble for one minute? He was arrested for DUI by the Secret Service after 3 a.m.!

    Damn, how old is that fool?