Anyone Else Excited to be Back at Work?

Things I will miss about Cape Cod:

1. Friends and family. Duh.

2. Free meat. So much meat. Turkey, pork, and kielbasa. I love kielbasa so much that it's hard to explain within the confines of written language. I was so filled up on meats that I forgot to grill a steak. I will not repeat this mistake come Christmas time.

3. The Cape Cod Times. This paper has long been respected for its photography of ducks and for breaking important stories. For example, their exhaustive investigative reporting has revealed that The Mars Company won't print "Capt. Dick" on their M&Ms. Would you rather read about Captain Dick or about the resurgence of manners?

4. The Quarterdeck. Best bar on Cape Cod. Certainly better than anything that Washington has to offer. Owned by Frank Black's father, best jukebox within 100 miles, and it serves pints of PBR for $1.50. $1.50! If Washington bars followed The Quarterdeck's lead I could go out every night and be financially solvent. Forever. This is what happens when an area is devoid of hipsters. Cheap beer stays cheap. Down here I'm paying three dollars a can. That's absurd.

Four things may not seem like much, but they represent a welcome respite from the bumbling incompetence that surrounds me in Washington. Now, back to the grind.


  1. There is a Quarterdeck in Courthouse, VA and its amazing. Surely not as authentic, but with great food and cheap beer its a good time.

  2. Different ownership, but if I'm ever stuck in Arlington I'll give it a shot.

  3. PBR? seriously? no one actually enjoys comsuming that shit, it's the candy corn of beer, the same cans have been in circulation since the 70's.

  4. This is a flashback to my 20-something days circa 1996.

    I miss the $1.00 Corona Thursday nights at The Tequila Grill.

    I remember a time when there was $1 Bud nights at The Lucky Bar/Planet Freds. Jesus, that place would be packed to the rafters. You had bicycle couriers (remember them?) and frat boys piling into that joint. It's the one place where you had the piss-poor bohemian types sharing cheap nasty beer with the college frat boy types.

    Anyway, DC used to be the cheapest place on the East Coast to get drunk with $10 in your wallet. Not kidding. When I was a starving grad student (1994-1997), I found so many places that practically gave away beer for nothing. Those days are loooooooong gone. Now, DC is trying to copy NYC when it comes drink prices.

    Rusty, you should have moved here 10 years ago. You would have a better opinion of our Nation's Capital.

  5. Oh my sweet, sweet Rusty. You've just opened yourself up to a whole lot of "Stop Yapping About Mass" comments.

    You're in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. DC sucks.
    James F used to really rail against DC.
    It was great.
    sometimes i think our man rusty seems to actually like this festering sewer.
    rusty is a dc lover!

  7. I hate DC, but I love hating things. I don't think this can work as a syllogism.

    Anyways, yeah, I hate DC.

  8. Hailing from such places as Buffalo and Pittsburgh, I also feel your pain of the cheap beer. It's rediculous that a $4 Miller Light is considered a "special". What's special is the person who actually buys that at that price. And i mean special in a bad way...

  9. ihateyuppies is right. Mad Hatter with $1.00 coronas. I wish I'd have been an even bigger drunk then. Of course I'm too old and have too respectable (ha ha ha) a job to be caught dead there now. Oh well. this place HAD glory days and they were during $1 beers. That's all DC ever had. it can die now.

  10. Rusty if you EVER get stuck in Arlington call me and I'd be MORE than happy to send in a rescue team. No man should endure that trauma...ever.

  11. I want to get drunk on PBR with Rusty!

  12. If I ever go to one of those blogger happy hours, you'll be the first to know.

  13. Dude, quit paying $3 and only pay $2 at Polly's on U Street!

    Sometimes, just sometimes, PBR is akin to the nectar of the gods.